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“Search Engine Optimization”

Most of you might have perceived it as the Google Search Engine Optimization.

Google is the not only search engine, I am talking here about the SEO for converting clicks to revenue directly. Yes, It’s about Amazon Search Engine.  Forrester Research suggests that one-third of the users start product search on Amazon. Google Search Engine only enables traffic to the websites whereas Amazon enables selling of your products. Amazon SEO is about generating Sales than traffic. Google measures success by click through rate, dwell time, etc. whereas for Amazon key performing area is Sales generated per search.

It becomes crucial for a product to visible in search results. A9, the subsidiary of Amazon manages product search for Amazon.

Small Businesses / Online Sellers can still somehow manage to gain advice on improving ranking on Google….


The case is not same for Amazon. A9 Algorithm is too complex to arrive at factors reflecting product search results. I have managed to list down some of the factors that might be accounting for product search results on Amazon referring to Amazon Seller Central Panel, Research by Ripen commerce and my observance.

  • Keywords

Stuffing right keywords empower degree of text match. Consider following recommendations while listing your products.

Product Name: The Product Name can include this information. For example, Product – Micromax Canvas Laptab II LT777 11.6-inch Touchscreen Black Laptop (Intel Atom/2GB/32GB/Windows 10/With 3G and WiFi)

  • Brand – Micromax
  • Product line – Laptab
  • Material or key feature – 11.6 -inch
  • Product Type – Touch screen Laptop
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – 2GB/32GB
  • Packaging/Quantity- Set of two (in combo)

Product Description: Product related information in Concise manner highlighting product features, benefits, Quantity, Colors.

Additional Keywords: Amazon offers sellers opportunity to input additional keywords that are not captured in product elsewhere via search terms, subject keywords, style keywords. Put keywords in Logical order separated by single space. Do not provide duplicate, misleading, inaccurate, misspellings and long content.  Make sure the keyword you input is not covered anyhow in any other section of product details.

  • Categorization of product

Make sure that you allocate your product a right category.

Amazon interprets the category for the keyword you search and shows results specific to that category.  For example, when a buyer searches hair dryer, Amazon interprets the Hair Styling tools category and show the relevant category results. Hair Dyer seller would have lost visibility if the product is listed under hair care category.

Effect of Categorization in product search results

Also, the category of products impacts Best Seller’s Rank indirectly influencing search results.

  • Best Seller’s Rank

Correlation in Sales Rank and Search Rank is very high. The buyer often sees the Bestsellers in top results. It’s a cyclic effect. Higher visibility leads to higher sales and higher sales leads to higher visibility and this goes on….

Not only best seller’s in Category. Your product needs to have consistent position across sub-categories as well.

Like, Hamdard Rogan Badam shirin – 100 ml ranks above Dabur Badam Tail – 25 ml when a buyer searches Badam oil despite being a Best Seller in Ayurvedic Health Care.

Amazon best seller's rank in product search results

Both the products have Best Seller Rank as 1 in their sub categories i.e. “Massage creams, oils and Lotions” and “Ayurvedic Hair Care”. But in Category Health & Personal Care, Hamdard Badam Shirin ranks higher as 216 comparatively to Best Sellers Rank of Dabur Badam Tail as 773.

Best Seller's rank in sub category and category
Source: (product pages)

Only Best Seller’s rank is not the sure short way of ranking higher in amazon.

  • Fulfillment

Fulfilled by Amazon products have the higher probability of ranking high in product search results. Amazon gives priority to the products they sell.

FBA Products in Amazon Product Searh results
  • Reviews and Ratings

Amazon intelligently utilizes its review data. The visitor is inclined to buy the product having good reviews. According to Nielsen, “70% of consumers trust online reviews and ratings pre-purchase.”

Beware!! Do not post fake reviews, you might get sued for buying fake reviews.

Number of reviews, Verified reviews, Positivity of reviews are some of the factors Amazon considers while ranking the products in its search criterion.

So keep track of your negative reviews, analyze your weak points, fix it in your products and thus gain a satisfied consumer feedback.

  • Availability of Stock

Amazon does not show the out of stock products in search results.

Do not let your sales suffer by the replenishment time. Monitor your stock availability and keep enough inventory for your products all time.

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