Campaign & AMS Management

We help achieve your brand goals and boost sales on Ecommerce platforms. Campaigns are managed by our advertising experts who are AMS certified and supported by Paxcom’s eAdvertising360 software

Our eCommerce experts provide end-to-end campaign management in sync with your Brands goals and objectives across eCommerce platforms. When there are millions of products to choose from, a brand cannot afford to sit back and expect a customer to reach its product. Instead the product needs to reach its customer. We manage multi-million spends across different platforms and categories, for leading or upcoming brands, using objective based tailored strategies.

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eCommerce Campaign & AMS Management

Campaign & AMS Management

  • Managing Brand’s search & display campaigns on ecommerce platforms like Amazon Flipkart, Shopee, Lazada, etc.
  • Planning, execution, analysis and optimization of visibility campaigns as per brand’s objectives
  • Early adaptation of latest features
  • Certified team of experts
  • Analysis on Key marketing activities of competition and category
  • Media Buying for brands across channels
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Technology aided campaign Management

eCommerce Business Strategy for amazon

  • Use of Paxcom’s proprietary algorithm & dashboard for better analytics of key metrics, to optimally manage & monitor performance of AMS and other platforms 
  • Use of our proprietary algorithm to predict & update the optimum keyword bids. 
  • Optimization made easy by automated identification of spend leakage
  • Track & review performance of key metrics against set goals, benchmarks and own previous performance.
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Promotions Management

Best Channel Intelligence solution india

  • Planning, executing and auditing promotion strategy in line with the brand goals and budgets
  • Work with partners on execution of agreed upon Promotions/Visibility/Joint Business Programs 
  • Collate sales and other KPI data (page views, conversion, etc.) from various available sources for detailed analysis
  • Keeping up to date with the best practices, trends and competition activities in the relevant category to identify new business opportunities.
  • Promo analysis (which promos are working, and which aren’t) 
  • Build event calendar for planning promotions and for mapping opportunities 
  • Media Planning & maintaining media performance tracker