Leverage Data Analytics
to Boost E-commerce sales

Shrey Srinivas

Assistant eCommerce Manager

enhanced brand content

Primary takeaways from the session:

1. Data insights from the buyer's journey
2. How retailers can use eCommerce analytics
3. How Paxcom’s custom analytics solutions can help you boost sales
enhanced brand content

About The Speaker

Shrey is an assistant eCommerce manager at Paxcom and manages clients across all domains. His core area of expertise is data analytics and campaign management. He has helped Brands formulate strategies and provided solutions to the brands in order to see an incremental growth in performance across the eCommerce markets.


    our SERVICES

    Digital Shelf Analytics • Strategy & Execution • Campaign & AMS Management

    Whether you need help troubleshooting or a holistic plan, our services and technology can be tailored to your needs. Smart data analysis and analytics drive everything we do, allowing you to make informed decisions and refine your product strategies.

    D2C website creation

    Digital Shelf Analytics

    Through our interactive KPI dashboards, you’ll have access to on-demand comprehensive analytics with sales, competition, category and promotion insights. Our proprietary technology can collect and analyze publicly available data from all major platforms, across multiple geographies — all allowing you to make more informed, qualified decisions.
    e-Commerce Website Creation

    strategy & execution

    Our experienced team of eCommerce experts, data scientists, business & data analysts, content writers and creative designers can help you launch and optimize product pricing, promotion, and placement on popular eCommerce Sites.
    ecommerce content creation

    Campaign & AMS Management

    Our highly dedicated team can plan, execute, analyze, and optimize search and display (CPC & CPM) campaigns for your brand(s). We have vast experience creating Amazon AMS promotion, Flipkart PLA ads, and other materials that can help guide your customers’ purchase journey.

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