Omni Channel Solutions

Technology that integrates your D2C webstore, physical stores, e-marketplaces, dealers, distributors, warehouses, and more for seamless consumer research and purchase journey.

Get complete control over your e-commerce logistics and fulfillment. Businesses of all sizes & categories can harness the power of our innovative pre- and post-fulfillment solutions to make their listing, order processing, warehousing, and shipping process seamless, quick, and manageable. Easy connections across several channels, a consistent experience for customers and employees, and automated technologies will help you accelerate with control. Our Omnichannel offerings comprise multiple robust web applications that provide solutions that can help brands grow, and manage their backend operations flawlessly with ease.

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Products Information Management

omni channel retail solutions

  • A centralized place to manage all your product information
  • SaaS-based offering with an enterprise-grade scale and no upfront cost
  • Quick onboarding: Register and start using the same day
  • Supports comprehensive workflow for product lifecycle from draft until discontinuation
  • Custom unlimited depth category hierarchy management
  • Bulk import of existing catalogs
  • Multiple Channel wise product id support
  • Channel wise customized presentation
  • Dynamic custom variations with unlimited variation type combinations
  • Multiple tags for custom filters & grouping
  • Intuitive variations management with custom unlimited variation types and variation type combinations
  • Support swatch image management
  • Supports perishable products
  • Multiple users with fine-grained activity level user rights management. Unlimited no of custom user roles
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Order Management

omni-channel solution

  • This system provides a unified view of orders received from different channels
  • Intelligent routing engine: It automatically routes orders to appropriate warehouses/distributors
  • Comprehensive configurable routing rules based on location, inventory availability, inventory methods, etc. 
  • Reduce Order Processing Time
  • Integration with leading marketplaces, web stores & POS systems
  • Automatic order confirmation & fulfillment workflow
  • Integration with accounting systems for Invoicing & Taxes
  • Easy Returns management
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Warehouse & Inventory Management

omnichannel solution

  • Real-time inventory across different channels
  • Inwards management, stock adjustments, inter-warehouse & intra-warehouse transfers
  • Fulfillment workflow with picklist, packlist, ready to ship with reassignments options
  • Automatic inventory allocation as per item-level inventory method with custom override options
  • RTO & customer returns management 
  • Minimum & maximum inventory levels with customized alerts
  • Customized product label printing 
  • Integration with 3PLs with shipping manifest & waybill printing and order tracking
  • Vendor management for procurement
  • Audit trail, access rights management

Onboard your business on Paxcom’s Omni Channel cloud platform within minutes, and start experiencing the delight of having a strong omnichannel backbone for your business.

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B2C/B2B e-Commerce Website Development & Maintenance

Paxcom’s eCommerce website creation service offers a wealth of features and capabilities to create an online store. We have included all the necessary tools and are always adding new ones to the list of features. Following are major features that we offer –

Mobile-Friendly– Our eCommerce System offers a clear and up-to-date responsive design of both frontend and admin areas.

Checkout Options: Support the web store with two types of checkout options used in most modern web stores: anonymous checkout and one-page checkout.

Marketing- We have the capability of getting your B2B/B2C website integrated with a variety of marketing features such as a reward point system, discounts, and coupons, gift cards, product reviews, and ratings, etc.

Payment Methods- Integration with all major payment methods and gateways is possible.

Shipping: Supports various shipping requirements with an easy-to-follow fulfillment workflow and settings.

Multi-Vendor & Store Management- Capability to operate a multi-vendor marketplace and easily re-sell items supplied by other vendors is available.

Customer Service- We have tools to provide high-class customer service in your web store, such as external authentication, Wishlist, RTL Support, Security & Permissions, etc.

Tax Features: Number of tax features, starting from the configuration of taxes by country, state, and zip code, to the display of variations in prices by including or excluding taxes, can be configurable.

Search Engine Optimization: We can get you connected with the best third-party SEO agency to help you bring your website’s ranking to the top of search engines.

Why do leading brands choose Paxcom for Webstore Development?