Automatically Reconciles Sales & Returns, Identifies Extra Charges, Consolidates & Help in Handling Disputes.

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Review Extra Charges Levied by Marketplaces

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The biggest concern of a seller is that whether the charges levied are valid or not. Many a times extra shipping charges are applied considering wrong weight or dimensions or even by applying rates of different zones.

Paxcom AR automatically identifies Extra charges applied by marketplaces in any given period. Seller can use that sheet, followup with marketplace and raise disputes if needed. While working on extra charges it makes it easy to see details of Sales / Returns / payment and can raise disputes then & there only.

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Review Pending Payment & Sales Summary

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Dashboard gives a glimpse of all the important information to user related to marketplace account reconciliation & sales analysis. It shows Pending payment against sales & disputes in a clear manner while accounting for returns and charges also. User can see expected payments & delayed payments separately.

Delayed payments are further categorized periodically ( 0-7 Days, 7-15 days , 15-21 and >21 days). Shows Holdbacks as of Today with last 4 months’ summary. Shows marketplace wise monthly sales of last 4 months. Against each data element user can drilldown upto transaction level to review in detail.

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Sales Analysis

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It gives you a clear picture of sales & returns of a given period. Not only that it separates out settled, unsettled, acknowledged, unacknowledged sales. It also shows separately returns against orders of given period and against orders which were placed before given period. This gives you a detailed analysis of your sales it just not merge all the sales & return together.

Above data is shown with marketplace consolidation so you can have a look at individual marketplaces and a combined view also. Against each data element proper drilldown is there and you can see complete order level history by drilling down.

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Manage Salable & Damaged Returns

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When an item gets returned a lot many activities happens at the backend, starting from verifying whether the item returned is in saleable condition or not, marking those verified, raising disputes if needed, following up those disputes, booking losses in case marketplace does not compensate fully etc. Paxcom AR makes all these very easy and manageable.

It allows analysis & management of returns under different categories – Verified, Unverified, Under Dispute, Fully compensated & partially compensated with losses. With functionality to verify individually or in bulk or to raise & manage disputes against damaged returns.

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Payment Analysis

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When a merchant receives any remittance, the first thing he would like to know is detailed breakup of the amount received, our payments analysis satisfies this requirement.

As payments can be of orders of different period, comprising of effects of returns, adjustments etc. it gives a clear picture by separating out parts which make complete payment. Each payment deposit is broken down between payment against sales, deductions against returns, expense deduction, refunds, releases, holdbacks etc. Drilldown is available from summary upto individual charge level.

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Analyze and Manage Charges

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We provide automatic extra charge report which can be used to raise disputes. This analysis gives you a clear picture of how charges are applied, what is the average percentage, how many transactions are there under a given percentage etc. Fox example if you received 1000 orders it gives you an analysis with percentage wise breakup of shipping charges applied on all 1000 orders, u can see that 20% shipping charge is applied on 300 orders 15% on 600 orders and so on.

This give insight into all the charges applied during a given period. Drilldown is available at each place so if there are 15 transactions where extraordinary shipping charge is applied ( which may be valid as per marketplace rule and does not come under extra charge report) you can drill down and see all those 15 transaction and take decisions accordingly.

This also allow to review and mark charges as verified so you don’t go and review the charges again and again. Can only focus on unverified charges. From there only if needed user can raise dispute and manage dispute workflow.

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Manage Disputes Lifecycle

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A Dispute lifecycle management system which is completely integrated with account reconciliation workflow. Help users to take decisions on raising disputes, provide access to dispute creation functionality when and where needed & provides relevant information to make it easy to raise disputes with complete sales / returns / charges & payments details. It also intelligently takes care that only valid disputes can be raised.

Also it makes it easy for end-users to distribute amount received against dispute if there are multiple disputes against a single transaction. Allows users to book losses in case marketplace is not willing to compensate fully. This also allows to analyze how much losses seller had to book during a given period against disputes against a particular marketplace.