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How to Resell on Amazon

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Did you consider making a profit by reselling products you purchased at discounted prices? 

This is a prevalent practice, and a significant number of people make a decent living from it.

If you want to start your own business, reselling on Amazon can be a great option. The platform offers a wealth of resources and support. This method can even be used to develop a whole business if executed properly. Before you start selling on Amazon, it’s important to understand the basics of the platform. Whether you’re reselling items or your own products, there are several things you’ll want to know before you begin.

Who are resellers?

Re-sellers on Amazon are individuals or businesses that purchase goods from an online retailer at low prices in order to turn a profit by re-listing them at higher prices on the site.

Steps to resell on Amazon

Resell on Amazon

To help you get started, you can read the seller’s guide and familiarize yourself with the marketplace rules. You can also regularly check your stock levels on the central merchant and seller portal.

The most important thing to remember when reselling on Amazon is that your product quality is a vital factor in determining whether it will sell. Keep in mind that Amazon’s A9 algorithm weighs keywords, sales, and reviews to determine ranking. Therefore, make sure to focus on high-quality, high-margin products and avoid products with low margins. Otherwise, you might end up competing with other resellers and losing sales.

Find the right product you want to sell

The first step in starting an eCommerce business on Amazon is to identify the products you want to sell. Make sure to source the items from reliable manufacturers or suppliers. It’s also a good idea to interview them to ensure that you are receiving top-notch products. Then, create your product listing by using the seller account on Amazon. Be sure to use listing optimization tools to make your product page as attractive as possible.

Register as a seller

You can start selling on Amazon if you know how to set up a seller account. This is a great way to make extra cash and can be a lucrative business. However, it’s important to remember that you need to create a good profit margin and have low competition.

Product Marketing

The next step is to start marketing your products. You can do this through social media and online ads. It’s also a good idea to provide prompt customer service. Be aware of Amazon’s policies and stay up-to-date with any changes. Remember that reselling on Amazon is not an overnight business; it takes time.

Optimize your listing

Finding the right products to resell on Amazon starts with keyword research. You should research products that are popular among consumers. You can even get ideas by looking at customer reviews. You can also use the seller app to get helpful information about products. The app can be downloaded on your phone and is available for Android and iOS users.

Best categories for reselling on Amazon

Home appliances

One of the best categories to resell on Amazon is home appliances. There are many different products you can sell in this category, from simple home appliances to smart and voice-managed devices. These products are also great for white-label sellers who want to differentiate their products from other products in the same niche. The most important thing to remember when selling home appliances on Amazon is to focus on quality. Ensure you buy products from reputable manufacturers and include the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) to increase discoverability.

Toys and games

Another category to sell on Amazon is toys and games. This category sells well and is constantly topping the bestseller lists. Children are the biggest consumers in this category. You can sell wooden game kits, outdoor kits, and colorful toys. Moreover, if you’re looking to sell a wide variety of products, you should consider selling products for babies, kids, and adults.


Another category to sell on Amazon that is very popular is clothing. If you sell a large amount of clothing, you can expect to make a significant profit. For example, if you sell men’s shirts, you can sell them for $50 or more – or even $100! Obviously, the best categories for reselling on Amazon are those with large profit margins. However, there are a few categories where you can sell fewer products and get a better profit margin.

Amazon best sellers

Amazon has dedicated BestSeller sections that update hourly. These sections contain the most popular products on Amazon and often have rankings under each department. This will help you decide which products to resell. Regardless of the type of products you sell, you need to do ultimate research before you start reselling on Amazon.

In addition to the bestsellers list, you should check out the frequently bought-together section. This section features products that other customers purchase together. These products are often cheaper than the ones on Amazon.

Tips for resellers to sell on amazon

  1. The first thing you need to do if you want to be successful on Amazon is to find a niche. A lot of people try to sell just about anything on Amazon, but that’s not the best strategy for a successful business. Instead, focus on providing value to your customers. This means finding one or two niches and building your business around them. Also, focus on making your pricing decisions carefully.
  1. Besides researching the products, you should also look for deals. You can check the Best Sellers list, which is updated hourly by Amazon. Also, you can visit consumer forums to find out what people are buying and selling on Amazon. Also, look for keywords related to the categories that you’re looking to enter.
  1. The third tip for resellers to sell on Amazon is to price your products appropriately. Amazon has a system that lets you sell different products for different prices. You can use this to your advantage and sell at a lower price than your competitors. Moreover, customers will always pick the products at lower prices. You can also use the “Match Lower” tool to find similar products at a lower price.
  1. Another essential tip for sellers is to offer something people want and need. If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to create a product or service that people will love. Customers will not buy your product if it is of poor quality. If your product is not of good quality, it may result in a low return rate. As such, keeping an eye on your product performance and constantly optimizing your business’s performance is vital.
  1. You can also use social media to generate traffic. This way, your potential customers will know about your business and the low prices that you’re offering. Moreover, you should post your products on multiple sales channels so that your chances of selling the item increase. Keep in mind that prices on Amazon vary depending on demand, so it’s important to keep an eye on your competition and adjust your prices accordingly.
  1. Another tip for selling on Amazon is to look for new products on Amazon. Whether you choose to use a private label or drop-ship, always keep your eyes peeled. Remember that your product is only as good as the reviews it gets. So, the more positive reviews it gets, the more likely it will be to sell on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

While Amazon reselling isn’t complicated, it’s still hard to scale because it’s harder to resell established brands than take the private label path. Having a growing reselling business requires constant hustling and looking for new products.

In your Amazon seller account, you can analyze multiple KPIs to monitor your growth performance, but for easy analysis, you can use tools such as Kinator, which monitors your sales, costs, and profits and suggests ways to optimize them.

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