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Amazon Best Seller Badge – How to Sustain it in 2022?

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The Amazon Best Seller Badge lets you differentiate your product from competitors, highlight how well it performs with its target audience, and convert new shoppers. However, with millions of products being added to their site every day, it is tough to sustain the best seller badge for long. Wouldn’t you like to know about clever tricks that allow you to sustain the Amazon Best Seller Badge throughout the year?

Discover how you can maintain the Amazon Best Seller Badge in 2022 and continue to dominate your categories in this blog.

How does the Amazon Best Seller ranking works?

The product selling the most units in your category/subcategory gets this badge.

As it is calculated hourly, there are 24 times during the day to capture the best seller badge. The Sales velocity and the Sales history play an important role in the best seller badge’s calculation.

Best-seller Badge = Sales Velocity. While there is upliftment in the visibility, clicks, and organic ranking, there is a significant increase in the Conversion% (no. of units sold) with this badge.

The best seller rank works on the ranking, i.e., lower the rank = more units sold.

Have you ever noticed that newly launched products sometimes tend to be among the top best sellers? It is because they are selling more units relative to other products in the category/subcategory &

However, there are some grey areas when it comes to Amazon Best Seller Badge that you should know about:

  • Bestsellers are updated hourly (sometimes there is a latency by an hour or two.) This means that badges are available 24 hours a day. Likewise, if you have the badge for one hour, it can disappear the next.
  • Badge doesn’t appear in all categories. No badge will be displayed for that hour if there aren’t enough sales or data. 
  • In Amazon, the best seller rank is constantly reevaluated, so it’s not unusual for products that just launched that had a good launch strategy to suddenly receive the Best Seller Badge, as that’s what it means to compare how many sales they’re making with the other competitors in the same category.

Where is BSR for your product located?

Open the product detail page and scroll down to find “Product details/Product information,” and find Best Seller Rank.

Amazon Best Seller Badge location

How to Sustain the Amazon Best Seller Badge in 2022?

1. Sort the products according to their categories

The Bestseller rank is defined for categories and subcategories. Choosing the correct category niche helps the Amazon algorithm decide what exactly your product type is and what search terms are more relevant to your product and helps increase the discoverability and relevance in the niche.

For e.g., In case you are selling a gaming keyboard. Below are shown 2 category paths:

Case 1: Computers & Accessories > Accessories & Peripherals > Keyboards & Mouse Sets

Case 2: Computers & Accessories > Accessories & Peripherals > Keyboards, Mice & Input Devices > Keyboard > Gaming Keyboards

In the above example, anyone can be chosen, while choosing the second one can help you gain keyword relevancy early and higher chances to get the best seller badge as the subcategory might be less cluttered than the subcategory in case 1 (Keyboard; including both gaming & non-gaming keywords)

Also, a proper category path helps customers reach your product efficiently and find it even when multiple filters are applied by the user. While there can be multiple subcategories, you might feel correct as per your product; researching the possible category/subcategory path in advance can help you gain early relevance in your niche.

2. Maintain Competitive Pricing

Price can be deciding factor when products are nearly similar. A check over competition prices for your product based on what other brands are offering and what value your product might add to decide the selling price helps in the long run.

 Generally, similar products with lower prices tend to have more sales of units, whereas premium price products justified via delivered USP of the product can be game-changing and increase your repeat purchases over time and improve BSR.

Decide a particular product price range based on what discount% you will be running on SVD or event days and BAU days.

3. Retail-Ready Your Product

What if we tell you that you can increase traffic and sales for your product and that too organically?

Yes, an SEO-optimised listing is an answer to your curiosity.

What things come under an optimized listing?

●     Images: Use HD images to increase the traffic and pique the customer buying decision

●     Product title: Add relevant and high conversion rate keywords as well as features, pack size, etc. in the title to increase organic ranking on the search result page

●     Bullet points and description: Product descriptions and bullet points paint a clear picture of the product, and the more content on the page that includes relevant keywords, the easier it is for customers to find your product, resulting in a higher product ranking

●     A+ content: Adding A+ content allows sellers to display their brand and product journey through a combination of pictures and text for interaction. As a result, sellers typically benefit from increased conversion, a lower return rate, and an increase in positive ratings

●     Backend Search Terms:

Amazon provides a field to enter search terms related to your products under the listing information. Utilize this space (249 bytes) to enter relevant, high search volume keywords for your product listing. These keywords aren’t publicly displayed like on PDP, these backend search terms help Amazon algorithm decide the type of your product and keywords related to your product.

4. Experiment with your eCommerce storefront

Look for ways to customize an eCommerce storefront so customers can find and purchase the products they want. You can strengthen your brand name, showcase your products, and connect with customers through an Amazon eCommerce store. 

By signing up for Amazon Brand Registry and creating a seller account, you can create a store that allows customers to explore your entire product catalog, featuring text, images, and videos. Immerse customers in a multi-page experience.

Amazon Brand Store

5. Promote and advertise

PPC ads and Promotions are a great way to boost your sales. Prepare and implement your PPC strategy along with Promotions as a supplement. Participate in Lightning deals and best deals, offer coupons and discounts in order to drive new to-brand orders and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

While discounts may lower your profit margin, the order volume will compensate for reduced margins. The higher the units sold better the BSR will be leading to a continuous cycle of better organic ranking and ultimately more sales along with more number of rating/reviews.

PPC ads can provide additional visibility over certain keywords/search terms and categories where you might lack visibility and miss out on potential sales. These ads help you provide additional discoverability, increase customer interaction with your products, and ultimately help to drive more sales.

6. Regular check on review sentiments

Before purchasing a product, nearly nine out of ten (89%) people globally spend time reading reviews (Trustpilot, 2020).

The value in itself indicates the relying power on other customers’ opinions about the product. These reviews not only provide a perspective on the product, but they also give brands an opportunity to fix any miss on their product’s part.

Checking onto consumer sentiments, M-o-M can help you decipher what the customers felt about your product, what they want, what can be improved in the future, etc. Constant improvement via customer feedback will help you win the heart of customers and gain higher organic relevancy over search results as the higher the rating higher will be the discoverability.

Paxcom’s in-house tool can help you consolidate all reviews and ratings date-wise across all platforms in one place. The tools allow you to gain insights over review trends by category, brand, etc. The reports generated via tools can help you gain insight into areas of improvement, frequency of particular negative sentiment, etc. Find our detailed sentimental analysis blog here.

Metrics to optimize for Amazon Best Seller Badge

Final Thoughts

As you can imagine, it’s not an easy quest to capture what they refer to as the #1 Best Seller badge, but once you do, it’s worth every effort.  You can employ any or all of the above strategies to increase your chances of receiving the badge and getting a page at the top of the rankings.

We have a team of Amazon-certified experts who can help you in the quest of sustaining the Amazon best seller badge with the approach of a complete content audit, a checklist of all necessary and significant content components-whether those fall under Amazon compliance or not, and sharing a glimpse of industry standards, i.e., to assist sellers in discounting competitively. 

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