Difference between Amazon Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice

What is the difference between Amazon Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice?

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We have all seen those orange and black tiny badges on certain Amazon listings. They tempt us to move the product into the cart and buy it. Also, they help narrow down our choices to ensure we choose the best product. But why only some selected products are given those badges and others fail to obtain them? What is the difference between these two and how can a product become worthy of being chosen by Amazon for these badges? Do these badges also have an impact on the sales of those products? 

We have answers to all these questions for you. Keep reading to get an insight into one of the most interesting features of Amazon

Amazon Best Seller Badge

What does the Amazon Best Seller Badge look like?

On product detail pages, the Amazon best seller badge displays as an orange-like ribbon just below the title, and in the upper left corner of a product’s image in search results.

Amazon Best Seller Screenshot

How do you define an Amazon Best Seller?

Going by Amazon’s definition, the best seller is “Amazon’s most popular products based on sales. It is updated on an hourly basis”

What is the deciding factor of giving an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

A bestseller badge is a mark awarded to products in its category that sell the most units each hour. In a nutshell, the product’s sales velocity determines the best seller badge. The best seller badge is refreshed every hour and shows a product’s sales rank in comparison to all other products in the same category.

Is the Best Seller rank fixed at all times?

The Best Seller rank is constantly reevaluated, which is why you’ll frequently see products that were just launched on Amazon and had a good launch strategy suddenly receiving the Best Seller Badge, which is a measure of how many sales they’re making in comparison to their competitors in that category node.

What are the factors that impact Amazon’s Best Seller Rank?

Seasonal products usually have a negative impact, as BSR works on the sales velocity. However, if your product category is seasonal, you might see a significant loss in terms of sales. Even though the older product has many historical accounts, additive sales, Amazon predicts that the new product will probably surpass the older product. This makes the situation a bit tricky. As a seller, you will need to have consistency regardless of the periodical fluctuations.

Amazon Best Seller & Amazon Choice

Amazon Choice

How does the Amazon Choice Badge look like?

Apart from its black ribbon, Amazon’s choice badge appears in the same position as the bestseller badge.

Amazon Choice Screenshot

How do you define an Amazon Choice?

Going by Amazon’s definition, amazon’s choice is, “Given to highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately”.

The history of Amazon Choice

With the debut of the Echo Dot in 2015, Amazon’s Choice products first appeared on the marketplace. Customers began speaking their demands to Alexa, Echo’s speech assistant, as the device grew in popularity. Voice search, unlike desktop shopping, makes it harder to browse and filter results. (Alexa’s AI is intelligent, but not very so.)

Amazon sought a means to make voice shopping easier, so they created Amazon’s Choice, which matches keyword searches with the most relevant products rapidly. In addition to voice, the badge is now available on mobile and desktop.

What are the factors that contribute to making a product worthy of being an Amazon choice?

  • The Amazon choice badge is keyword-related, and it is awarded to products that best match a specific keyword or search term.
  • This badge is allocated to a single product per search term. The more relevant product receives Amazon’s Choice badge for a particular keyword. In short: SEO (Search engine optimization) is the deciding factor for Amazon’s choice badge allocation
  • That implies Amazon’s choice badge can be acquired for a variety of keywords, and as your product’s conversions on a given keyword increase, so do your chances of earning Amazon’s choice badge for that term.
  • Both the product and the search terms must be related. Finally, buy it and help it get the badge if you want to increase the number of people who find the product while searching for a specific term.

Is it possible for a product to have Amazon choice and Best Seller at the same time?

A product can be Amazon’s choice for a certain keyword and have a best seller badge in the category at the same time. For instance, a product that is a best seller in the “Mixer Grinder” category and still has Amazon’s choice badge for the search term “juice mixer” is a good example.

What is important in order to gain an Amazon Choice Badge?

Because Amazon’s Choice is a keyword-related badge, it’s critical to utilize keywords that are relevant to your product. You must keep track of product inventory and guarantee that things are constantly available; otherwise, you risk losing your badge. Items should be eligible for expedited shipment and Prime shipping. The prices of the items you’ve listed should be reasonably priced.If you are looking for some tips on how to get one of these badges then you can read our guide of top tips to get Amazon Best Seller Badge

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Amazon Best Seller

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