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Amazon Brand Store – A Complete Guide

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Vermont Teddy Bears, which started 40 years ago as a handmade teddy bear business, now stands ahead of its competitors in the market. Its collections include Super Soft, Oh So Soft, PJ Pal, Cuddle Chunks, and several others are made with all the heart.

Therefore, they are the best fit as loving gifts and warm cuddles. It has successfully come a long way since the year it started. From a small handmade teddy bear firm to a multimillion-dollar enterprise, its marketing strategies were focused where Amazon’s Brand Store also has a significant part to play.

If you look at the Brand Store of Vermont Teddy bears, you will enjoy scrolling through their page. Narrating their story using short and crisp content, tidy display of the collection, immaculately showing consumer testimonials in the form of a video, and giving an easy shopping experience are some things that made Vermont Teddy Bear brand store comprehensive, attractive, and shoppable.

A well-designed brand store combined with strategic digital marketing campaigns is assumed to have increased conversion rate, sales, return on ad spend, and other metrics used to measure profitability.

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Vermont Teddy Bears was just one case study of how brand store helps build an identity in the market. There are several others. So, now let’s see how Indo Boards used this Amazon tool to gain popularity during covid.

Covid wreaked unfavorable and unpleasant working conditions worldwide. Offices have to resort to instructing their staff to work from home. On top of that, fear of getting contracted restricted people inside the walls causing sedentary lifestyle to overpower the way they used to live, with closed fitness centers being one of the major contributors here.

Sensing the urgency to stay fit and active, Indo Boards introduced balance boards. The use of these boards requires a small portion no matter how big your home is, and this is very well represented in Indo Board Amazon Brand Store in the form of a video set to autoplay and loop. Besides this, combining an easy shopping experience with the brand store eventually increased visits, conversion rates, and sales.

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The above two case studies are a very good example of Amazon’s brand store payoff. So, if you are an Amazon seller, take inspiration from success stories of the above two brands and get your own appealing, inspiring, and shoppable one. But before you start creating a brand store, you should know what it is exactly. This blog is your complete guide.

What is a Brand Store?

Amazon brand store is like a highly personalized and customizable website that gives customers a rich shopping experience. It is a do-it-yourself solution for sellers and vendors that allows them to use premium content and media to build a storefront that is easily shoppable and displays an entire range of products for new and existing customers.

Structure and Layout of Brand Store (structure image and example)

Structure of Brand store

Amazon brand store layout

Example of Brand Store

Amazon brand store twinnings

How to create a Brand store?

Brand store creation process

Below given is the step-by-step process to create a brand store

Amazon Brand Store needs you to have a professional seller account. Create one if you do not have it. 

The very first step in building a brand store is to set up a professional seller account. This requires you to submit your name, password, email address, payment information, and business contact details.

Post this; Amazon lets you pick up the web store options and buy your online store. To authenticate the business details you have provided, call your business contact number to verify them.

Therefore, be sure that you have provided the correct details. Amazon does not approve that easy to sell on the Amazon marketplace. It has strict verification policies to prevent counterfeits and sellers trying to manipulate the organic rankings from deceiving.

Once you have a seller account, register your brand with Amazon Brand RegistryWhen you get approval from Amazon for your seller account, you need to register with Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) before you start creating a brand store.

After you have registered, you access the tools that help guard and grow your brand on Amazon. ABR lets you use premium content like lifestyle images, high-resolution videos, rich media, crisp product descriptions, and other sources to provide an enhanced shopping experience to new and existing customers.

The significant benefit of Amazon Brand Registry is that it enables you to create a branded storefront that is shoppable and appealing. Furthermore, where brand analytics give you insights and metrics on Amazon shoppers, the Brand Services identify and eliminate duplicate sellers and sellers who disobey brand trademarks.

1. Create your store’s homage using a suitable template

After your brand is registered on Amazon Brand Registry, go to your Seller Central account or Amazon Ad Console, click store, and go to Manage store. Once you are here, you will come across a list of your brands to create a store.

Choose one and then follow the instructions displayed by Amazon. While step by step creation of your brand store, you will be asked to choose one of the below-mentioned templates as per your store requirements.

  1. The Marquee

It is ideal for sellers and vendors who want space to display imagery and descriptive text, copy, or customer reviews.

  1. The Showcase

Sellers who want a content-rich brand store with minimal text should go for this template. Here they can use a maximum amount of visual imagery and product detail photos with very little text.

  1.  Product Grid

If a business wants to show a wide range of collections simply and clearly while keeping the product descriptions crisp, the product grid is the most suitable template for it. 

  1. Blank

If you want to build your brand store from scratch, this is the template meant for you. Note that you need not learn any coding to make your store. 

2. Move on to creating pages other than the Home Page

The Amazon Brand store is just like a mini-website. Since this is true, there is a scope of having pages other than the home page. Adding them depends greatly on factors like discounts and offers, deals, catalogs, product descriptions, best-selling options, and many more. A point to note here is that your brand store should be very similar to your own website. It gives an enhanced shopping experience to buyers. Make sure that your pages are organized and easy to navigate so that it is easy for shoppers to spot the product they are looking for.

(a) Add tiles to every page

The next step to creating pages is to add tiles. But, before that, make sure that the pages of the store are displayed in the right order. Once this is done introduce contents like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Product Grids
  • Product titles
  • Product Description
  • Videos
  • Galleries

All this, placed systematically, enables the buyers to easily navigate and go through different elements of the brand store.

(b) Uploading your products

Once the layout of your brand store is ready, uploading the product is just a matter of time and can be done in one go. All you have to do is assign ASINs or UPC codes to every product. After this, all that is left is to copy and paste them, and this becomes easy because searching ASINs on Amazon is entirely straightforward and not complicated. But, be sure to stock up the product inventory, a wide range of items for the buyers to pick from first.

(c) Summit the brand store pages for review and publish

The last step is to submit the pages to Amazon for review and publication. However, you have to ensure that your brand page is error-free or rejected in Amazon reviews before you do that. Here are few things that you should check for before submitting them for review

  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Brand Image inconsistencies
  • Issues with navigation, product images, content tiles, product title, and product description

With the publishing of the brand store, the process of creating one ends. Since now you know how to create a brand store, let’s discuss some design elements that can be used in it.

3. Design elements used in a brand store

(a) Header

The header is the first image on the top of the Amazon brand store and captures the visitor’s immediate attention. So, your header image should speak of your brand in a clear and precise way. Use images that are consistent with your brand, as well as the logo on the header. You can also insert text but keep it minimal. The image should not be that text-heavy to take all the attention away from the brand image and logo. The dimension of the header image should be 3000×600.

(b) Text or Text-Based Tiles

For tiles that are explanative, try to use crisp and concise sentences. Let the content be descriptive but not very long. The idea here is to explain the features and utility of a product using limited text and not long paragraphs. Therefore, you should use one or two sentences instead of keeping too much text.

(c) Images or image-based tiles

If you are planning to use image-based tile in your brand store, take images that are high resolution and of superior quality. The primary motive of image-based tiles is to represent a product so that it is prominently visible. And, if we use a model in the image with the product, the scope assumption is not there anymore. Instead, the buyer can see the functionality of the product.

(d) Product with text tiles

A tile with both the image and the text often has visuals with the product title. The image you use here is high resolution, and the title is short, explanative, and crisp: it has 6 to 8 words. It is suggested to assign 50% of the tile to text and 50% to the product image. Moreover, the simpler the tile, the better it looks because the focus remains entirely on the product.   

Till now, we have already discussed creating the brand store and some design elements used in it. Now we move on-

What are the five most popular brand store design options?

1. Design to display seasonal and celebration collection

A brand store is like a mini-website that is used to present a range of products. So, you can use it to showcase your seasonal and festival collection prominently. Include the collection on the brand pages while increasing their visibility, or you can even create a page to exhibit your seasonal collection extensively.

2. Introduce buyers to a new product

Product launch is an event that requires massive participation. Since this is to increase the visibility of the product, Amazon Brand Store is the ideal platform for this purpose. Introduce it in the form of a large tile with high-resolution image and text, presented distinctively on a band store page to accumulate users. 

3. Represent brand value and history

You would agree that customers like to know the brand before making a purchase. Make the task easy for them by incorporating brand history and values in the brand store. This will make it easier for the buyers to study the brand as instead of skimming through multiple search engine links, they have the entire history and brand values in one place.

4. Special offers and discounts

You do not want your offers and discounts to go unnoticed. You want to increase their buyers’ visibility and use your brand store to make lighting deals prominent. An offer displayed distinctively on the home page will catch the eyes of the visitors.

5. Emotional Content

Emotional content plays a significant role in getting your product distinctively recognized. Place it alongside the products on the brand store, and you will see a spike in clicks and sales. It is a great way to connect with your clients emotionally and give them the customer satisfaction they want.

Amazon Brand Store new features


Getting insights into creating a brand store, its elements, and design options will enable you to create a comprehensive brand store. However, some new features have been introduced lately, and these features can play a significant role in gaining popularity for your business. An example of the new feature is using a shoppable images collection which makes it convenient for the buyers to get full product info just with one click. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. One of the most important reasons for this is its value to provide the best-selling and shopping experience.    

Paxcom – Bringing increasing sales and profitability by creating a comprehensive and appealing Amazon Brand Store. 

A brand store is a tool that can help a business create an identity and build trustworthy relations with clients. Our team works day in and day out to create a brand store that speaks explicitly about the brand and its values. They can use this tool in the best possible way, giving it a design and appearance to make it a buyers’ magnet.  

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