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Understanding A+ Content

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What is Amazon A + Content?

Amazon A + Content is one of the most effective tools for the brands selling their products on Amazon which allows them to call out product features in an advanced way including a detailed description of the product, benefits of using it, brand story, customer testimonials, high-quality images and banners and much more in structured modules which one can find on the product detail pages of the SKUs listed on Amazon under the heading “from the manufacturer”.

A + Content is designed in a way to grab the attention of the viewers, making them stay on the page for longer, eventually leading to an increase in traffic, conversions, and sales.

Pro Tip:  In order to take advantage of the additional visual content, sellers need to be registered with and approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry.

What can be included in the A + Content? 

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Watch this video to get a quick understanding of A+ Content in brief.

What is Premium A + Content or A ++ Content? 

Premium A + Content is a superior version of A + Content which allows the inclusion of extra modules, more interactive images, video loops, slider galleries, etc. It is an invite-only option that involves a fee and is usually used by larger brands with huge budgets. One can find this content created for the brand’s top-selling SKUs. While A++ Content can be a great option for very large brands and feature-heavy products, A+ Content will work well for the majority of ASINs.

What can be included in the A ++ Content? 

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Benefits of A + Content : 

  • Grabs Shopper’s Attention: Amazon’s A + Content is a high-quality interactive content which holds the customer on the product display page for longer due to the inclusion of HD images, eye-catching banners, most popular reviews and questions converted into modules and other informative content which is enticing enough to grab the attention of the viewer.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: A + Content can be a deciding factor in the final purchase as the product detail pages are the virtual salesperson on which the more convincing the content the higher the chances of the product getting into the cart. Most of the customers want to be well informed about the product before making the final purchase decision and A + content is the best tool that helps the customers better understand and visualize the product and its usage due to the presence of additional images and text. 
  • Fights Counterfeit: A + content makes the product stand out by building its reputation. Rich content on the product detail page convinces the customer that the product is authentic and brand owned. 
  • Brings your Product to Limelight: One of the best advantages of A + Content is that it allows you to add big and attractive images and banners to the product detail pages making it more interactive where the brand gets an opportunity to highlight the product’s benefits and features thus enabling the shopper to click the “buy” button.
  • Better Reviews and Reduced Returns:  If there is more information available on the product pages then customers will be well informed before buying the product which leads to lesser returns as the customer is pre-informed about the product and its attributes. Also, customers who are satisfied with the purchase will leave a positive review. 
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Eligibility Criteria for Vendors and Sellers for creating A+ Content: 

Up until 2019, Amazon A+ content was available for vendors only and sellers were able to use EBC (Amazon Enhanced Brand Content) which was a basic offering allowing sellers to add additional information to their description with few images. Now, Amazon enabled A+ content for sellers who are brand-registered. You can add up to 15 ASINs per month for A+ content. One must concentrate on the best-selling ASINs to make the best use of A+ content.

Amazon A+ Content Best Practices 

The guidelines of A+ Content are pretty simple and straightforward. These will help a brand stay ahead of its competitors while updating the content accordingly.

Emphasize your Product’s USP- Product’s USP is the greatest asset a brand has got. Highlighting it in every way possible is the key to differentiate your product/brand from your competitors. Start by asking yourself some simple questions – How can my product’s USP help my customer?  What is the added advantage of my product? Is my USP beneficial to my customer etc? Add these points to your A+ Content for your customers to know your product better. 

Combine Images and Text – Images and text together are the best combination to put forward valuable information. A + Content allows the inclusion of these high-quality images, infographics, comparison tables, etc. in its modules which makes the information interactive and pleasing to the eyes. 

Avoid Content Errors – A brand has to make sure that the content should be free from any kind of errors, grammatical mistakes, forbidden symbols/characters. In addition, one cannot include a hyperlink to any other website (however, you can include a link to any ASIN within the module type).

Pay attention to Image Size and Resolution – Make sure that your images are uploaded with the right resolution and size otherwise there are chances of them being rejected/removed by Amazon. Image requirements are different, based on the module type you choose. So, read through their requirements thoroughly before working on and uploading the pictures.

Keep it more visual and less textual – Images attract more eyes than text. So it is always advised to keep the text to minimal and add more and more images, banners, and icons to your A+ Content to draw the storyline.  

Content has to be mobile optimized – According to a survey, more than 60% of people are browsing eCommerce sites via mobile. It becomes difficult for the customer to read through the information if the content is not mobile optimized. This way the customer loses interest in the product and might leave for another competitor’s product page for more details. Mobile optimized image-rich content is always advisable for A+ best practices.

What not to be added in the A+ Content? 

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Enhanced Content on other Platforms: 

Other Indian Platforms such as Bigbasket, Nykaa, Flipkart, etc. also allow the addition of enhanced content on their product detail pages which is similar to the A+ content on Amazon. The guidelines, modules, and structure of the enhanced content may vary from platform to platform but the idea of calling out the features, benefits, and other useful information about the product remains the same. While enhanced content on other platforms is a recent feature, Amazon introduced A+ content long back. The enhanced content on the product detail pages not only helps beautify the pages but helps in boosting the organic visibility as well as it holds the customers to the detail pages for longer increasing the chances of product consideration. 


Enhanced Content or A+ Content is a useful tool that lets you share more information about your products with your audience. A brand can use multiple creative ways to build their storyline and differentiate its product detail pages from its competitors. The more interactive the content, the higher are the chances of the shoppers sticking to your detail pages for longer. All it takes is an experienced team of e-commerce experts with guided knowledge to create such content for your brand.

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