Paperboat partnered with Paxcom to increase engagement on Amazon.

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Brand Overview- The Paper Boat is a premium Indian beverage and snacking brand produced and marketed by Hector Beverages. Its product range consists of traditional Indian drinks such as Aam Panna, Jaljeera, and Aam Ras. The drinks were initially offered in single-serving, flexible pouches; the company has since then expanded to one-liter Tetra Pak cartons as well.

Initial Challenges

  • Low organic visibility
  • Optimizing product images and enhanced content
  • Limited Keyword Targeting (Backend Search Terms)
  • Lower conversions

Three-Step Paxcom’s Approach

  • Added SEO-rich keywords to product titles, bullet points & product descriptions to improve visibility and reach.
  • Shifted the focus to product features and benefits by adding quality lifestyle, feature & product range images.
  • Increased conversions by adding interactive Amazon A+ content to product pages to tell exclusive product stories with modern animated designs while keeping the brand’s essence intact.


A+ content-

Brand store-


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