Active price variation tracking for a leading FMCG brand led to consistent pricing across platforms

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With millions of similar items on the market, e-commerce players have difficulty standing out. A lot goes into improving visibility and sales on these platforms; one thing that brands cannot afford at this stage is inconsistency in their communication. This causes the need to prevent unauthorized sellers from selling company products at different prices, which, if not detected in time, can create a dent in the brand image of the companies selling on multiple platforms. In such a scenario, leveraging an analytics-based price tracking solution was crucial for the leading FMCG brand that wanted to gain an edge over its competition. By working with Kinator, they gained in-depth insights into their price positioning and the price range in which their products were sold.


The brand faced difficulty monitoring frequent price changes across multiple platforms and could not identify which seller changed the price first. Hence, they decided to leverage price tracking to analyze the inconsistent pricing of its products across channels for further growth strategies by leveraging a data-driven approach.

Paxcom’s Solution and Value delivered with the help of Kinator:

  • Multiple crawls in a day for top priority SKUs across all eCommerce channels
  • Identify which channel changed the price first
  • Verify from channels on price variations
  • Compiled reports for multi crawls to identify frequent variations



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