Personal Care brand scales Amazon sales by 35% with Paxcom’s Support

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Globally, the Personal Care industry is strong and is expected to expand significantly in the coming years. As per Statista, the personal care market will reach $154 billion by 2024 at a growth rate of 7.2%. In recent years, Personal care has exploded online, with convenience, competitive pricing, and a wide product selection. Online retail, however, still requires a strategic approach with plenty of room for growth.


  • How to grow the business on eCommerce?
  • Multiple AMS campaigns were running without timely optimization, which resulted in spend leaks and lower conversation rates.
  • Efficient strategies were needed to improve visibility & ROI both.

Paxcom’s Strategy:

  • Improvised account structure & allocated campaigns in specific portfolios as per their relevant category.
  • Multi-basket creation based on product categories
  • Reduced bids on non performing ASINs
  • Increase amplifiers on placements with high ROAS.
  • Targeted SD Campaigns on competition PDPs for NTB & more awareness.
  • Targeted Competition Products with High SP and Low Ratings to attract their audience.
  • Launched CPM SD campaigns, as this ad type gave good ROAS.
  • Added KWs with 0 orders in Negative Targeting for all campaigns to avoid spend leakage.
  • Target Competition products which have high ranking in particular categories for generating more awareness & slowly capture their audience.
  • Launched Automatic campaigns for ASINs and Keywords which have good conversion and added them in relevant campaigns



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