How Paxcom Helped A Health And Beauty Wellness Category Achieve A 71% Growth In Conversion?

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Overview –

Globally, the importance of the Health and Beauty Wellness industry has increased year after year as more shoppers around the world have started to understand the significance of well-being. According to Statista research, the global market for health and wellness was valued at over 4.3 trillion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach around 7 trillion dollars by 2025.

Challenges Faced in running Amazon Ads:

  • Lack of Global Marketplace Exposure
  • High Spends
  • Saturated Sales
  • Basic content and creatives

Paxcom’s Solution and Value delivered:

  • New product listings, brand store creation, and suppressed ASINs issues resolved.
  • Micro-segmentation of sub-brands to increase visibility & scale up the sales.
  • Complete PDP correction to improve visibility and reach.
  • Optimized sponsored brand creatives & videos to increase customer engagement.
  • Manual enabling of campaigns per US time zone to control ad spend.
  • Launched sponsored display campaigns for broad targeting.
  • Regular check on product pricing and ASINs suppression issues.



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