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Paxcom Drives 1.5x Impressions Increase for a Home Improvement Brand

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As a prominent player in the home improvement industry, the brand aimed to boost awareness, streamline campaign management, and enhance overall visibility. To optimize the planning, execution, and evaluation of targeted initiatives on a global scale, the brand sought diverse strategies that would foster seamless communication and collaboration with its end customers. Paxcom assisted and implemented a range of highly effective strategies for the brand’s success.


  • Monitoring out-of-stock products and securing the buy box
  • Improving Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Managing high advertising spending due to Category Nodding
  • Reducing shipping charges

Paxcom’s approach-

  • 360 Campaign Approach: Implemented marketing campaigns in categories such as brand, cross-category, competition, and product targeting to attract potential customers. Each campaign was strategically designed to promote specific categories or products and aimed at attracting potential customers.
  • Regular Campaign Optimization and Performance Review: Conducted ongoing optimizations and biweekly performance reviews to ensure campaign success.
  • Product Information (PI) Optimization: Consistently optimized product information to improve brand visibility and drive conversions.
  • Kinator Buy Box and OOS: Utilized Paxcom’s eCommerce tracking software, Kinator, to achieve the Buy Box status and receive out-of-stock notifications.
  • Leveraged targeted Category targeting of high-priced SKUs by focusing on maintaining MOQ to ensure high sales volume. 
  • Engaged with the Category team to address category nodding issues and optimize overall performance.


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