DeHaat Case study

DeHaat’s Partnership with Paxcom Results in 1.75X  ROAS Uplift

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DeHaat, an Agritech company, sought to enhance its visibility and strategic campaign management on Zepto, a popular quick commerce platform. The brand aimed to optimize its campaign execution and select targeted keywords to increase its visibility on the platform. Paxcom was crucial in implementing effective strategies that fueled DeHaat’s success.


  • Increasing glance views on new product launches
  • Budget constraints for SKU-level precision and category visibility
  • Demand for cost-effective solutions to maximize ROI
  • Strategising SKU-Wise Campaign Creation

Our solution

  • Crafted a targeted search-only campaign within budget constraints. 
  • Implemented SKU-wise campaigns for precise measurement of SKU-level performance and strategic placement, elevating overall performance
  • Leveraged selected keywords in a Smart Shopping Campaign for day-long visibility, enhancing category prominence.

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