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Last-minute Prime day sale Retail readiness

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Prime day sale is right around the corner! The Dates are out: July 12- 13 for the US and India, 23rd-34th July, and possibly this year’s revenue may surpass last year’s record of $6.8 billion in sales. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get some deals on Amazon Prime Day and the days leading up to it, so make sure you suit up and get ready with your best.

What is Amazon listing optimization and Why is it Necessary?

Amazon listing optimization is the process of improving product pages so that they appear higher in search results, and have a higher CTR and conversion rate. Optimization of your listing on Amazon is necessary to rank as highly as possible in the search results. The changes in the front and back-end of your product listings are one of the factors through which increase or fall in Amazon search engine results of your product are decided. The number of people who see your product’s page and make a purchase is another important factor in determining where your product appears in search results.

Benefits of Prime Day

In addition to the dramatic rise in sales that several brands have on Prime Day, the following are some advantages:

  • To make the most of this one-day event, Amazon ramps up its marketing efforts, both on and off the site.
  • Discounted pricing can intrigue a sense of curiosity. If you offer special deals on Prime Day, you may find a hike as well in sales and user engagement.
  • Products offering Prime Day discounts are marked with unique badges, making it very easy for customers to locate them which increases visibility.

Check the “Retail Readiness” of your listings

Remember that when purchasing online, a customer cannot touch or feel a product. As a result, the only way he or she can evaluate the caliber of a product is by reviewing the complete product information page.

You shouldn’t anticipate a rise in sales during the Prime Day Sale unless your product’s description page isn’t presented properly!

Even though it’s critical that you attract customers to your product detail pages with the correct keyword and ads, it’s also essential that they have a pleasant experience once they’ve been there

Most customers use these actions to learn more about a particular product:

  • Go through product images
  • Examine the product’s description
  • Look for the product’s essential characteristics listed in bullet points
  • Look up product ratings and reviews

Amazon prime day sale Retail Readiness Checklist

Have a clear product title

A buyer reads the title of your product first when they visit the product detail page. This means that it needs to be optimized well enough to draw in potential customers. Never create a title that explains what your product does. Rather, save this information for description. Always include the necessary details (such as material, dimensions, model, and weight..), along with your most important keywords placed at the start of the title.

Amazon prime day blog

Use eye-catching images

Images can stimulate a person’s senses and emotions, as well as help to solidify the identity of a brand. Because a consumer cannot physically touch the object, the only way for them to form an opinion about the product is by looking at images of it.  Use 6-7 images on your detail page; the 1st will be your primary image of the product, while the following images will highlight its quality, draw attention to its various parts/features, show off its texture, or even display it from various angles.

The purpose of these pictures is to display the product in its entirety. The best features of the product are listed in images 4 and 5th, these may include information on the following topics: product specifications, features, product comparisons, certifications, accessories, and usage guidelines. Your lifestyle pictures will be on the 6th and 7th.

Primary image - Amazon prime day blog

In the following case, paxcom helped “Paperboat” optimize their product images by highlighting their product features, ingredients, and an eye-catching image at the end to attract customers.



Clearly describe your product

Amazon allows you to describe your product’s most important qualities in 1,000 characters or less. Describe how your product is better than the competition. For optimal SEO, bullet points and descriptions should include high-ranking keywords (the bullet point limit is 2000 characters). 

  • Highlight the product’s greatest aspects.
  • Long bullet points lose clarity and become tedious to read, make them short and crisp.
  • Align the bullet points for mobile so customers may quickly navigate the Amazon page.
Bullet Points - Amazon prime day blog

Make the most of positive ratings, and reviews

Your product description page could move higher in the organic rankings if it has a sufficient number of reviews and good ratings, which could also lead to an increase in the number of impressions it receives. As soon as you can, provide a response to the bad reviews.

You can read more about how you can improve your customer reviews here.

Add FAQs

Add frequently asked questions from customers to provide them with complete knowledge of your product. The Questions and Answers section helps customers fill up any information gaps they may have regarding your product. There will be queries that are posed very regularly that you might receive. Put up these questions, and be sure to provide answers that are succinct while still providing relevant information. This will assist you in addressing significant concerns that your customers have and moving closer to making a purchase choice.


Top last-minute tips for sellers to prepare for Amazon Prime Day sale 2022

Surpass your competition by data analytics

Do a thorough analysis of your Competition listings, the keywords they are using, the kind of image optimization they are practicing, or any additional FAQs they are adding to their A+ content or product images.  This analysis can help you outpace your competitors. Kinator-data Intelligence tool, for example, can be used to discover these areas with its content scorecard tracking.

Use pricing automation to stay on top of the competition

If you haven’t already implemented automated pricing, this is an excellent moment to do so. It is possible to win the buy box on Amazon by utilizing Amazon’s pricing tool.  Amazon will automatically alter your prices for you if you’ve set up the rules for it.

Think about Amazon’s paid ads

Test your campaigns using each of Amazon’s advertising alternatives, if you can. Use Amazon PPC, for instance, to place bids on keywords that can increase your product traffic and purchases. 
Our experts can help you strategize & execute Amazon ads, click here to know more.

Promote using social media

Businesses throughout the world are reaping the benefits of social media marketing. You can use your company’s social media accounts to advertise your items and raise awareness of Prime Day deals

Prime Day Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

  • Make the perception of a bigger discount by raising prices before Prime Day.
  • Deceive the product reviews on your site.

Final thoughts

Paxcom has worked with some of the top companies globally to help them realize their online retail potential. We can assist you with your journey to selling on the Amazon Prime Day Sale. Several of Paxcom’s services, like eCommerce promotion management, content and design, building brand shops, eCommerce advertising, and custom data analytics, are used by brands globally to increase sales and reach.

We can assist with more details at –


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