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Your Go-to-Guide to Amazon Posts

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In 2019, Amazon unveiled its Instagram-like platform, “Amazon Posts,” exclusively for registered sellers and brands. Still, in its beta phase, this innovative initiative aims to revolutionize the eCommerce industry by seamlessly blending online retailing with social media engagement. 

Below is an up-to-date guide explaining Amazon posts and how to use them to your advantage.

Amazon Posts 

Amazon Posts offers a unique browsing experience that combines captivating imagery and convenient shopping capabilities. It allows buyers to explore brand-specific feeds and browse products by category, creating an immersive and personalized shopping journey. The posts themselves serve as a gateway to the product detail pages, enabling customers to effortlessly transition from browsing to making a purchase. Customers are redirected to the respective detail page for a seamless shopping experience by simply clicking on the link embedded in a post.

With Amazon Posts, sellers and brands have the opportunity to showcase their products in a visually compelling manner and effectively convey their brand stories. It offers a powerful platform to engage with customers, increase brand visibility, and drive sales.


Source: Amazon Ads

The initiative aims to incorporate online retailing with a hint of social media and take brand stories to new heights. Buyers can enjoy brand-specific feeds and browse by product category. The posts are shoppable enough as they are linked to the detail pages; the customer can click the link and be redirected to the detail page for further processing. 

Discovering Amazon Posts Program 

The program is limited to the US audience as of now. You are eligible for the platform if you are a vendor/seller associated with the Amazon Brand Registry. The posts are accessible. To begin with, you just have to sign up with your vendor account, and you are ready.  After your account’s creation, you are free to publish content just like we do on Instagram. Upload the photo, add the caption with relevant tags, and you are ready. The app is mobile-friendly and only available across the shopping app and web on mobile devices, but the feature has also started appearing on desktop results. 

Note- The feature is still in its beta phase. 

Using Amazon Posts to stand against competitors


Source: Amazon Ads 

This hybrid-marketing advertising tool elevates your brand’s image by allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s find out how using Amazon posts benefits your brand/business. 


Benefits of Amazon Posts

  • High-Quality Visuals: Investing in highly defined product videos and images attracts customers’ attention. Keep a keen eye on the details and ensure images amplify your brand’s image and reflect your brand values. 
  • Storytelling: Amazon Posts offers a platform to communicate your brand’s story to the target audience. Appealing content and highlighting the prime features of your product will help you maintain a clear competitive advantage.
  • Frequent Posting: Maintain an active presence on Amazon Posts by following a posting schedule. Share new and relevant material regularly to keep customers engaged and interested in your offerings. Consistency aids in the development of brand awareness and client loyalty.
  • Product Tagging: Tag your products within the post so shoppers can easily click and visit product detail pages for seamless shopping. Always ensure the tags are accurate and correctly linked to the related products.
  • Defined Captions: Write intriguing and informative captions that demonstrate the product’s characteristics, benefits, and any unique selling points in a concise manner.
  • Monitor Analytics and Optimize: Regularly analyze the performance indicators Amazon offers for your postings. Determine which types of postings are most popular with your target audience and adjust your content strategy accordingly.
  • Social Media Promotion: Use social media to promote your Amazon posts. Promote links to your Amazon store and specific postings on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This can improve exposure by driving visitors from your social media followers to your Amazon store.

Remember that the objective is to produce valuable and entertaining content suited to your target audience’s preferences and expectations. To stay ahead of the competition, constantly analyze and adjust your Amazon posts strategy based on customer feedback and performance statistics.

Benefits of Amazon Posts

Social commerce has evolved and is one of the most well-known online shopping methods. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are widely used channels for purchasing products through social media. What makes these platforms unique? The way the products are displayed across these platforms entices consumers. High-quality images, creative and quirky descriptions, and relatable storytelling attract customers to purchase. 

  1. No charges: No hidden costs are involved; brands can simply design the post and schedule it per their requirements. 
  1. Product discoverability: Amazon posts make your product portfolio highly discoverable. As consumers go through your listing information page on the Amazon app, they may learn more about your brand by viewing posts depicting your other products.  

Where can you find Amazon posts? 

As per Amazon’s algorithm, the posts are displayed in the mobile app according to customer preference and product relevance. Across Amazon, you can find the posts in

  1. Brand Page: This is your personalized brand feed containing your product line. 
  1. Carousel: Have you seen carousels or thread posts where customers swipe horizontally? The carousel appears on your product detail page and may sometimes contain similar posts. 
  1. Category Tagging: Individual Posts are assigned category tags by Amazon. Customers can then explore information for complementary items within a certain category. 

How can Paxcom help? 

Getting started with Amazon Posts, Find out how Paxcom can help your brand reach new heights and offer the best eCommerce assistance for Amazon. We have a team of specialized experts and Amazon ADvisors to help you with all your Amazon-related queries. 
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