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Getting Started with Blinkit Ads

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In the dynamic landscape of Quick Commerce, where speed is the name of the game, Blinkit Ads emerges as the turbo boost for your brand’s visibility and growth. According to Statista, India’s Quick Commerce sector is set to skyrocket to a staggering revenue of US$3,349 million by 2024, with user penetration expected to surge from 1.8% to 3.8% by 2028

Just as consumers crave the swift delivery of their purchases, businesses are racing to meet this demand head-on. It’s a fast-paced arena where every brand vies to capture the attention of an ever-expanding audience. Think of it as a high-speed expressway, with Blinkit paving the way to your brand’s success. 

Formerly known as Grofers, Blinkit has evolved from a grocery delivery service into a multifaceted platform catering to diverse categories, from everyday essentials to luxury items. Boasting over 13 million monthly active users across 28 cities, Blinkit has mastered the art of instant commerce, delivering unparalleled convenience to its customers in mere minutes. 

During this rapid expansion, Blinkit’s ad revenue soared threefold in the third quarter of 2023, underscoring the burgeoning opportunities in Quick Commerce. With Blinkit Ads, your brand can tap into this momentum, leveraging the power of targeted advertising to connect with over one million potential customers each month.

Picture this: effortlessly reaching and converting a vast customer base into loyal patrons, all with the click of a button. That’s the promise of Blinkit Ads – your ticket to accelerating growth and seizing the fast lane of Quick Commerce.

This blog will briefly overview how to get started with Blinkit Ads through SearchSenze, a search bidding platform.

Ads establish a win-win opportunity for advertisers and customers, as 55% of eCommerce users shop via search. C.P.M. allows the brand to exercise its potential, resulting in brands yielding maximum results and customers getting what they want all at once at the right time.


Blinkit’s Brand Central 

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Let’s dive into different types of Blinkit Ads and their requirements

Blinkit has bifurcated its ad assets into reach & performance campaigns. Reach campaigns develop brand awareness and drive more viewers to the product or brand by sharing its USPs in attractive formats. The brand builds a share of voice (SOV). Meanwhile, the performance campaign will drive sales, acquire a new audience, and leverage customers’ intent to purchase through direct-to-cart and before-you-checkout nudges on conversion pages.

Product Booster Ads

Blinkit’s product booster ads allow businesses to advertise their desired products and reach out to the right customers. They are similar to Google’s shopping & pay-per-view ads and help businesses advertise their products within a specific category, targeting relevant customers in an ad format that is not intrusive.

Product booster ads are carried out in keyword-based or category-based targeting formats. If you are running a product booster campaign for “Masoor Dal” by brand X, You can bid on keywords like “Dal,” “Masoor Dal,” “Daal,” etc. 

However, if you want to target a category, then it can be “pulses.” Blinkit allows you to club products and run campaigns, so if the primary product goes out of stock, the algorithm will automatically display the backup product or products.

Blinkit Chocolate and Dal
Source: Blinkit

Listed below are metrics that aid in driving sales through performance campaigns 

  • Direct-to-Cart Shelf: The product is visible on the homepage with a direct add-to-cart button. 
Blinkit Ad
Direct-to-cart option on the homepage. Source: Blinkit

  • Brand Shelf: Compelling story-telling and product catalog under one section on the homepage help with stronger brand share & presence 
Blinkit Ads
Brand Shelf, Source: Blinkit
  • Cart Injection: Visible on the checkout page with recommended products to increase conversion. 
An example of Cart Injection. Source: Blinkit

Listing Spotlight Ads 

Blinkit’s listing spotlight ads let brands promote their portfolio of products in a single carousel format. The platform helps you seamlessly reach Blinkit’s shoppers and drive targeted brand awareness, product discovery, and purchase intent throughout the customer journey. 

This unique carousel (also known as a collection) format of these ads enables the brand to showcase multiple products in one place while also displaying products from its parent company, and users can click on ‘See All’ to explore all products in detail. Additionally, you can promote your products across multiple categories with PLP.

Brands can create customized creatives with attractive messaging of up to 30 characters and can also create a GIF along with their logo to attract customers to visit their page. The banner appears, and landing pages can display multiple products or the entire catalogue.  

Over time, Blinkit has made minor alterations to the creative’s size and requirements for listing spotlight ads. The requirements are as follows: 

  1. Creative Dimension – 480 px x 830 px 
  2. Primary Content must be placed within a safe content space, i.e., 400 px x 700 px 
  3. Plain background colors or textures should be used in the padding area. 
A snapshot of ITC’s Listing Spotlight ad, Source: Blinkit

Listed below are metrics that drive awareness through reach campaigns 

  • Push Notifications: Quirky texts and personalized messages push customers to engage with the brand, resulting in better clicks and impressions.
  • Lucrative Offers: The audience loves to get spoiled; promotional offers and discounts help the brand stand out. 
Trending Offers
Source: Blinkit
  • Brand Spotlight: Highlights the brand in the niche category, differentiating it from the rest, widening the brand dynamics, and acquiring new customers.
Source: Blinkit

Display Ads 

Blinkit’s sponsored display ads allow brands to cross-merchandize their products with other affinity keywords. For example, if you want to display your mustard oil ad on search and keywords like “brand name,” “mustard,” “oil,” etc., then you can do so by buying this product.

This ad can be run solely by Blinkit. We will reach out to Blinkit’s SPOC on your behalf and get it done. 

Sponsored display ads boost the campaign’s performance on an overall basis, resulting in improved reach. 

How do I bid for your ad placement on Blinkit?

Bidding on Grofers Ads: The SearchSenze platform is auction-based, which means that the ads are placed for bidding, and the highest winning bidder’s ads will get the ad placement on the Blinkit app: 

  • Spending is calculated by the CPM (Cost per Mille Impressions) each time your ad is displayed.

Reach Campaign – listing spotlight ads 

  • Keyword Targeting: Blinkit suggests keywords and an average bid price. Its smart match bidding type boosts your product to a wider audience. Blinkit allows you to target negative keywords as well. 
  • There is a concept of minimum bid, i.e., cost per mille impressions. 

Performance Campaign – Product Booster Ads

  • Category targeting helps with ad placement and allows greater control over the campaign. 
  • Bidding is done through product booster ads and recommended product ads. 
  • Blinkit allows you to keep track of the ad spend. 

Budget: The budget is flexible. Overall Budget (fixed), Daily Budget (varies as per the brand) 

Blinkit Brand Reports 

The Self Serve platform allows you to track the campaign’s performance and reach for a more insightful understanding of how ads work and strategies better suited for your brand. A reach campaign report comprises metrics such as impressions, add-to-cart, and campaign cost. Meanwhile, performance campaigns’ reports consist of metrics like impressions, add-to-carts, sales, return on ad spend, and new user acquisition. 

These comprehensive reports enable brands to decide about forthcoming campaigns and budget allocations. 

Blinkit’s Advertising Summary 

Source: Blinkit Brand Central

Paxcom’s contribution to brands’ success on Blinkit

Our team of experts helps you cater to AtoZ brand goals for all platforms, from content creation to executing campaigns and forecasting trends for enhanced results aligning with the brand’s objectives. Understand consumer demands better with our on-shelf analytics tool and deploy power-packed strategies to gain a competitive edge in the instant commerce landscape. 

Our experts can assist you with the following aspects regarding your Blinkit ads:

  • We manage all of your advertising campaigns and bidding processes to help you get the most out of your budget.
  • Planning, executing, analyzing, and optimizing visibility campaigns to your brand’s objectives.
  • Media buying for brands across channels to ensure maximum ROI.
  • Customized advertisement banners that increase your click-through rate will be created with the assistance of our designers.

Sneak-a-peak at how Paxcom helped Dehaat, an FMCG brand, increase its ROAS by 1.75x.

Contact us at or fill out the form here, and one of our experts will connect with you for a detailed analysis of how the collaboration will benefit your brand in the long run.

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