Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Marketing Stream

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Amazon is a trusted platform for consumers to find products and services. This makes the company an excellent platform for vendors to market their products and create demand.

Unlike Google or Bing, where online traffic is funneled toward the storefront of your competitors, Amazon allows you to direct that traffic directly to your website and share your products with those interested in purchasing them. This is a unique advantage that no other online retailer can offer.

The ability to target the right customer at the right time is crucial in ensuring a high conversion rate and an improved ROI. That is why Amazon has launched a new marketing tool enabling advertisers to get real-time campaign data.

This new tool, called Amazon marketing stream, provides hourly performance metrics for advertising campaigns instead of daily data like before. This data is sent to advertisers in push notifications, which eliminates the need for API throttling. It also lets you make changes to your campaign faster, giving you a better chance of optimizing your campaigns for success.

Amazon marketing stream is an advanced data streaming tool that provides hourly campaign performance reports for Amazon-sponsored product, display, and brand campaigns. This data is provided in a near real-time format with no throttling.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon’s Marketing Stream?

The primary benefits for advertisers are improved campaign optimization opportunities, the ability to respond quickly to real-time information, and operational improvements.

Real-Time Insights-

Real-time data enables advertisers to adjust bids throughout the day rather than waiting until the next day. This way, they can get the best results possible and avoid overspending on their campaigns.

Additionally, real-time data helps advertisers set dayparting strategies and ensure their campaigns are optimized for each hour. For example, they can increase their advertising bids at the start of the day and then decrease them in the middle of the day to reduce costs, or you can use this data to increase your bids during the peak time of day for certain products and increase your conversion rate at those times. This will help you to grow your sales and increase revenue.

Better Customer Understanding-

Using this data can help marketers understand their customers and identify the times of day when they have the highest conversion rates. This can help them modify their budgets accordingly, so they can continue making the most of their advertising dollars.

Hourly Performance-

The hourly performance metrics for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Displays include a summary of traffic and conversion data, which is presented hourly rather than daily. This feature enables you to gain insights into the performance of your campaigns concerning the time of day. By utilizing appropriate tools, you can leverage this data to optimize your key performance indicators.

What is Amazon Marketing Stream?

The e-commerce world is constantly changing, and Amazon is no exception. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Amazon marketers must use a wide range of marketing tools. 

Amazon’s new Marketing Stream tool gives hourly advertising campaign performance reports. It’s a data-streaming solution for partners and advertisers to subscribe to advertising data sets.  Amazon Marketing Stream lets partners and advertisers utilize AWS directly to accept and handle advertising data. This tool can increase data integration patterns and operational efficiency by lowering the number of API calls needed for intra-day campaign optimization.

Marketers can get detailed campaign metrics in near real-time using the Amazon marketing stream. This enables advertisers to make smarter decisions about their marketing strategies.

In a world where data is King, this new Amazon product can help advertisers improve their advertising strategies and increase ROI on their marketing campaigns. A push-based data set delivers performance metrics and information hourly to users’ AWS accounts.

What Kinds Of Data Are Available Through Amazon Marketing Stream?

amazon stpes

Source- Amazon

Amazon’s Marketing Stream comprises two data types now: reporting and messaging.

The reporting process involves presenting an advertiser’s processed performance data, which is summarised and not in its raw form. This includes hourly reports on traffic and conversions and the necessary data dimensions required for analytics.

Amazon provides real-time notifications of status changes and other events. This notification comprises budget consumption and sends an alert whenever your budget allocation changes by at least 5%. 

How To Start Using Marketing Stream Data

amazon stream

Source- Amazon

In order to utilize Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS), it is necessary to fulfill specific prerequisites. These are the primary requirements:

You must have access to the required Amazon accounts: To access Amazon accounts, it is required that you have the necessary authorization. It is essential to be a registered seller on com and possess an AWS account for data storage.

Developer resource access: In order to effectively utilize the AMS platform, users must obtain access to essential developer resources such as the Amazon Ads API.

Promote the listed products: AMS is intended for promoting products. To use AMS, you must have at least one product listed for sale on Amazon.

Set up an authorized payment method: To use AMS, you must give a valid credit card number or bank account details for billing.

Meet the budget requirement: Sponsored Products campaign requires a daily budget of $1, whereas a Sponsored Brands campaign necessitates $100.

Amazon has clear standards regarding advertising, and you must abide by them. These policies include restrictions on certain types of material, trademark violations, and other infringements on Amazon’s rights.

After meeting these requirements, you can sign up for an Amazon Advertising account and use AMS to better understand your advertising data.


Amazon recently introduced a new product that can provide you with the most relevant data at the appropriate time of day. The Amazon marketing stream is a real-time data feed that allows you to analyze your ads more meaningfully and make informed decisions about ad placements, budgets, and more.

The new Amazon marketing stream is not only the most sophisticated data feed in Amazon’s history, but it also has a number of notable firsts. For starters, the new data feed is the first of its kind to send push-based notifications about your campaign in near real-time, ensuring you are never left wondering what happened on your end.

With the new Amazon marketing stream, you can see the most important and granular information about your ad campaigns in an interactive dashboard that lets you view, filter and compare data by campaign and placement. The new dashboard also includes an impressive graphical visualization of your ad spending daily, enabling you to spot trends and identify anomalies before they become too large to ignore.

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