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Amazon Buy Box Guide 2023

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Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, boasts an impressive annual revenue of over $250 billion. One of the primary factors contributing to most of these conversions is using Amazon’s buy box. Capturing the Buy box on the product detail page is crucial to increase your Amazon sales. Those sellers whose products appear in Amazon’s purchase box achieve the most sales. Learn how it works!

The Buy Box is the most visible part of a product page where customers can directly add things to their shopping carts. Winning the Buy Box means higher sales and greater chances of success. As we enter 2023, mastering the Buy Box game is more crucial than ever. In this blog, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to help sellers succeed in winning the Amazon Buy Box in 2023.

Amazon Buy Box Requirements for Sellers: A Comprehensive Overview

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Sellers’ holy grail is the Amazon Buy Box, which provides unmatched visibility and immediate sales growth. To get this, sellers must meet Amazon’s algorithm’s strict standards. Here is a complete list of Amazon Buy Box criteria for vendors in 2023; however, they may change:

1. Professional Seller Account:

To qualify for the Buy Box, it is necessary to possess a Professional Seller account. This particular subscription category signifies the user’s dedication to a superior level of service and grants them access to a diverse range of tools and features to enhance their selling experience.

2. Selling Experience:

The Amazon seller has to have at least three to six months of trading selling expertise.

3. Product Availability:

Ensuring a consistent and adequate inventory level is of utmost importance. Sellers who experience frequent stock shortages face the potential consequence of losing eligibility for the Buy Box, as Amazon emphasizes dependable fulfillment practices.

4. Shipping Efficiency:

The seller must provide customers with flexible shipping options, focusing on free options. Orders must be filled quickly and correctly. Keep the number of late shipments low, and always meet the times you said you would.

5. Seller Performance Metrics:

Your selling numbers are a big part of whether or not you can get the Buy Box. Amazon looks at several factors, such as:

– Order Defect Rate (ODR): Keep this rate as low as possible by limiting bad feedback, A-to-Z guarantees, and chargebacks.

– Customer Feedback: Make sure that most of the feedback you get from customers is exemplary.

– A-to-z Reduce the number of claims that are made against your orders.

– Response Time: Answer customer questions and texts quickly.

6. Rotation of Buy Box:

Amazon sometimes rotates the Buy Box among eligible sellers to ensure fairness. If you have yet to win the Buy Box, continue to improve your performance to increase your chances in the rotation.

Amazon Buybox algorithm-

Amazon provides relevant search results like Google. People wouldn’t use Amazon if it gave mixer juicer results for “juices.” This applies to Amazon Buy Box. If Amazon allowed any/every seller to have the Buy Box or offered it as a paid advertising option, it risked poor results and customer complaints.

Amazon guarantees that only reputable suppliers with acceptable pricing win the Buy Box by creating a system. Positive customer experiences boost repeat purchases at Amazon.
The Buy Box is Amazon’s exclusive space where sellers may display their products. This exclusive location is where customers may start shopping. Customers may add the goods to their basket by clicking the option.

How to win buy box-

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1. Understand the Amazon Buy Box Algorithm

To increase your chances of obtaining the Buy Box, it is crucial to understand the algorithm that determines its contents. Amazon employs an advanced and dynamic algorithm that takes into account multiple factors, such as seller performance metrics, price, shipment, and customer feedback. Keep a close watch on Amazon’s algorithm adjustments, as they are continuously modifying it to improve customer satisfaction.

2. Focus on Seller Performance Metrics

Amazon puts a lot of emphasis on seller performance measures to make sure customers have a good experience. Keep a high seller rating by completing orders on time, having a low rate of order problems, and giving great customer service. Use feedback from buyers to find ways to improve and fix any issues quickly.

3. Optimize Product Listings

Enhance your product listings by incorporating relevant keywords, high-quality images, and comprehensive descriptions to differentiate yourself from competitors. Use bullet points to emphasize key features, benefits, and competitive pricing. 

4. Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is essential for securing the Buy Box. However, this does not always imply providing the lowest price. Amazon takes into account shipping costs, fulfillment methods, and historical pricing trends. Utilise automated pricing tools for dynamic price adjustments aligned with real-time market conditions and desired profit margins.

5. Using Fulfillment By Amazon

FBA is Amazon’s fulfillment service, which can significantly impact your Buy Box eligibility. Amazon favors FBA sellers because it ensures faster and more reliable shipping. Utilizing FBA can help improve your chances of winning the Buy Box and boost your overall seller performance metrics.

6. Inventory Monitoring and Management

Maintaining consistent inventory levels is crucial for Buy Box’s success. Stay in stock, as this can harm your seller metrics and cause you to lose the Buy Box to competitors. Use inventory management tools to monitor stock levels and set up alerts for reordering.

7. Use Promotion and Advertising to Your Advantage

Amazon provides a variety of advertising options to increase your brand’s visibility and your chances of securing the Buy Box. Sponsored Products, Brands, and Amazon Deals can all drive visitors to your product listings.

Strategies and Tips to Acquire the Buy Box

  • Maintain Competitive Pricing: Pricing is a crucial factor. Consistently offer competitive prices in line with the market to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.
  • Focus on Seller Metrics: Amazon’s algorithm takes into account seller performance metrics like order defect rate, feedback score, and late shipment rate. Maintain exceptional customer service to bolster your metrics.
  • Stock Availability: Ensure your inventory levels are consistently well-stocked to prevent going out of stock, which can negatively impact your Buy Box eligibility.
  • Utilize Sponsored Products: Invest in Amazon’s advertising services, like Sponsored Products, to increase visibility and drive more traffic to your listings.
  • Strategically Use Dynamic Pricing: Implement dynamic pricing strategies to automatically adjust prices in response to market fluctuations and competitor actions.
  • Get Positive Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, as high ratings contribute to your overall seller metrics.

BuyBox Shares of Top Categories: January to July 2023

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Our in-house tool-  Kinator analysed the buy box trends from January to July 2023. The buy box win, which represents the share of authorized sellers, consistently showed an upward trajectory during this period. In each category, there was an increase in the number of authorized sellers, resulting in this positive trend. On the other hand, the graph for buy box loss, which represents non-authorized sellers, displayed a downward slope. 

Amazon’s Buy Box Algorithm Key Metrics

The Buy Box algorithm on Amazon considers various factors to determine the winning seller for a specific product listing. The algorithm’s specific details are proprietary and may change. However, four key metrics widely acknowledged to influence Buy Box eligibility are:

1. Order Defect Rate (ODR):

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a key indicator used by Amazon to evaluate a seller’s performance and eligibility for the Buy Box. It indicates the proportion of orders with negative feedback, an A-to-Z guarantee claim, or a credit card chargeback. Amazon strives to provide a positive consumer experience; therefore, sellers with a reduced ODR are typically favored. Keep your ODR as near to zero as feasible to qualify for the Buy Box.

2. Late Shipping Rate:

The Late Shipment Rate shows the percentage of orders you dispatched late. Customer happiness depends on timely dispatch, therefore keep late shipments minimal. Maintaining delivery dates might boost your Buy Box chances.

3. Order Cancellation Rate: 

This is the proportion of orders canceled before shipment. High order cancellation rates indicate a not trustworthy supplier, which can hurt consumer satisfaction. Lower cancellations will boost Buy Box eligibility.

4. Performance Feedback: 

Seller and customer reviews impact total metrics. High ratings and reviews show how satisfied customers are and create buyer trust. Buy Box chances increase with a large percentage of favorable feedback. 

5. Return Rate:

Your Amazon Buy Box eligibility can also be affected by your return rate. A high rate of returns indicates buyers are dissatisfied, which negatively impacts the overall shopping experience. It contributes to seller performance metrics, reduces seller ratings, and creates negative reviews. It is crucial for a seller’s reputation and continued Buy Box eligibility to keep their return rates to a minimum.


There is no single method for obtaining the Buy Box, but rather a complex network of metrics that must be monitored and enhanced.

Focusing on the most important factors, such as becoming an FBA merchant, having Prime-eligible products, refining customer service, and comprehending how pricing works, is essential to securing the Buy Box. If you are looking for someone to streamline and automate your eCommerce process, connect with our experts for more detailed insights at

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