5 Senses Strategy for Product Content

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Product content can trigger the 5 senses of online shoppers even though they do not have an opportunity to touch and feel the products being sold online.

1. Sight

Create a vision


A customer experience study made by UPS in March 2015,50% of the mobile users in Asia prefer computer based shopping vs. mobile,as they can not get clear product images.

As we are familiar with this very popular quote that ” a picture is worth a thousand words”,which shows that  images play a vital role in making a decision and visual process of shopping is the most crucial.Product images should be of great quality and should be large enough to be accepted on different marketplaces .Paxcom PIM provides zoom functionality on images added for each product.To increase the customer experience,images of all the products should have same background and same alignment to mantain  the consistency.



Do some implementation

Online shopping does not give a chance to its customers to touch and feel the product.But with help of Paxcom PIM ,you can create detailed and attractive description about your products easily.Create a product story which can trigger their senses and a connection with your customers.Make sure you have listed the key features of the product in bullet points and benefits in products description.Provide them each and every small detail so that online shoppers are convinced to buy your product.



Hear an opportunity

Nowadays shoppers often make decisions based on what others have done and care what others have to say. And with a wide range of marketplaces and great deal of choices  in buying decision process, you need to be updated and so as your product content .But nothing to worry,as our PIM will keep your product information updated over multiple channels which will further increase the brand loyalty and more sales!!



Smell the Threat

Paxcom Product Information Management will allow you to deactivate and activate a product according to the demand of the product in the market qucikly. Manage the product lifecycle easily so that you  can easily discard or introduce new products into different ecommerce channels . Manage product pricing and product description from one central place through Paxcom PIM which further help to reduce your time, money and energy.



Taste to consume the product information

Consuming product information before consuming the product is the new funda that customers believe in.They should be able to consume every kind of product information provided by you on different channels.Educate your customers with  product videos, images and detailed content so that they are satisfied and make a right decision before buying the product.Paxcom Pim allows you to add video to your product content so to bring your product and brand alive .


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