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A Guide to Amazon U.S.A. Marketing in 2022

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Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer and sells everything from books to toys. Many of us have used Amazon and found a new product that we could not live without. The sheer size of the site and its network of merchants and consumers allows for easy sales growth. There is a lot of competition on Amazon, and it is getting more intense as time goes on. But how do you stand out from the crowd? 

In order to fully harness the power of Amazon, you must utilize both its on- and off-site advertising capabilities as well as organic activities that climb the ladder. With such a broad reach into consumer markets, it’s an effective method to promote specific products, build brand awareness, and more.

In this blog, we will be taking a deep dive into some of the Amazon marketing techniques to help you market your products in 2022.

state of Amazon Marketing in 2021

It is a new beginning of the year, so let’s brush up on some basics before moving on to more advanced Amazon Marketing techniques.

What is Amazon Marketing?

In order to promote and sell products on Amazon, Amazon Marketing consists of the following actions:

  1. Amazon SEO – Optimizing product pages to improve their visibility in organic search results on Amazon
  2. Amazon Advertising – Using native Amazon advertising formats to endorse brands and products
  3. External Marketing – Promoting products not via the platforms themselves but via off-Amazon; it can be either paid or unpaid.

1. Amazon SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular form of online marketing. Search engine optimization can help you appear high in search results for specific queries. Today, more product searches are started directly on Amazon than on Google. This makes Amazon the # 1 product search engine on the Internet.

The more you rank high on Amazon, the more important it is to ensure your own products rank well. A successful Amazon marketing strategy relies largely on Amazon SEO. The following factors influence ranking on Amazon:

(i) Keyword research: The first thing that comes to customers’ minds while looking for a product is to search. Instead of searching for a specific brand, people use keywords to find relevant products for them. Almost half of the users begin their search with a long phrase, so always use a combination of long-tail and short-tail search terms. You should not mention any keywords such as pesticides, germs, antibacterial, antifungal, or microbes in your listing of food items. This leads to product listing suppression on Amazon. In addition, if your product requires such keywords to be added, you will need to submit a certification of your claim that is newly renewed.

(ii) Make your title compliant with Amazon guidelines and SEO friendly because your title will tell customers all the essential information about your product.

(iii) Bullet points & Product Descriptions are as important as photos and titles; they help convert those who are still on the fence after clicking.

(iv) Optimized product images: Make sure you have great product images. Images are the first thing that customers see, and it is an actual representation of your product and brand. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers say that images help them in making buying decisions.

One-fourth of online buyers say they have returned a product because it didn’t look like what they expected, so don’t waste it on dull or low-quality images! Instead, give them high-quality images with multiple viewing options and several consumption shots to build a connection.

An example of a good Product listing page here:

Amazon USA product page

(vi) Amazon A+/enhanced content: Take advantage of A+ content/enhanced content to showcase your brand and product’s journey with attractive infographics. But to be eligible for this feature, you need to get your product registered through Amazon’s brand registry.

Example of A+ Content-

Amazon A+ content USA
Amazon USA ehanced content

* Paxcom can assist you with registering and listing your products.

2. Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads is a global advertising platform that helps businesses advertise their products on the Amazon marketplace. It offers multiple advertising properties and targeting methods to help sellers reach potential customers.

(a) Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon sponsored product is a single cost-per-click advertising service, appears on the product detail page and search results. It enables advertisers to engage customers across the amazon network and help drive traffic to their product listing page.

Amazon USA Sponsored Product Ads

For example, if your new product is a home audio system, you would want to create a sponsored product campaign that includes keywords like home audio systems, home audio systems, home audio entertainment systems, etc. It will help drive traffic to your product detail page. Once your campaigns are live, you can monitor them and adjust your budgets and keywords to reflect key moments in your product lifecycle.

(b) Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored brand ads are the ones that feature custom images, text, brand logos and appear when you type specific keywords into the search. They are a great way to drive traffic to your product detail pages or brand store since they are contextually relevant and help with product discoverability & boost awareness.

Amazon USA Sponsored Brand Ads

(c) Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon sponsored display ads are product ads displayed to customers when they browse the product listing page. These help to increase brand awareness and drive sales of your products.

Amazon USA Display Ads

For instance, when a customer searches for a camera and lands on the product with a buying or reviewing the decision, your ad appears over the page, which helps in remarketing, allowing you to engage with them while looking for a similar product.

(d) Amazon DSP

The Amazon DSP platform allows brands to buy display, video, and audio ads programmatically across Amazon’s extensive network of media properties.

The most significant benefit of the Amazon DSP is its ability to give advertisers access to Amazon’s first-party data. Amazon tracks every search, view, click, purchase, and review a shopper makes. In addition to monitoring data across Amazon’s websites and apps (more on that below), Amazon also tracks consumers’ behavior with its consumer products, such as the Fire TV and Amazon Echo. 

In short, Amazon has a wealth of data about how, what, when, and potentially why consumers buy what they buy. While keeping the data anonymous, Amazon DSP allows advertisers to use it for marketing their products both on and off Amazon.

Amazon USA DSP

Where do these Ads appear?

  • Amazon Live, PDP page, reviews page
  • Amazon-owned websites and apps such as PrimeVideo, FireTV, IMDB, Twitch, and more.
  • Affiliate websites and apps in Amazon’s network such as GoodReads, Audible, Buy Office Mojo, and many more.

With Paxcom, you can achieve brand goals and boost sales with E-commerce platforms. Our advertising experts manage campaigns, who are AMS certified and supported by Paxcom’s eAdvertising360 software.

3. External Marketing

(a) Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts allows brand-registered sellers to share custom lifestyle and product content via a “feed” that resembles other social media sites. You can direct customers directly to the product detail pages by scrolling through your feed. By doing so, the program serves to demonstrate how to use your product and encourage customers to explore and discover your brand story. 

With posts, brands can maintain consistency across social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook – sellers can repurpose content from those platforms for their Amazon feed. 

As of now, customers can only view Posts while using the Amazon mobile app or while viewing Amazon’s site on a mobile browser. 

How to get started with Amazon Posts?

  • Visit and sign in using your existing Amazon account credentials.
  • Create your profile by verifying your brand name and uploading your brand’s logo.
  • Start creating posts by uploading images, writing captions, and tagging related products.

Here’s a quick tip: Upload a lifestyle image of your product, add an engaging caption, and list related ASINs in the product line – that’s how Amazon determines which category tags to assign to your Post. You can either publish your Post immediately or schedule it for publication later. 

Where do Amazon Posts appear?

  • Brand feed
  • Product page carousel
  • Related Brand Product Page
  • Category-based Feed
Amazon Posts
 This image represents an example of Amazon posts (Source: BellaVix)

(b) Amazon Attribution Program

Amazon Marketing Services

The Amazon Attribution Program is a tool that allows advertisers to create unique tags and attach them to Amazon URLs so sellers can track the effects of off-Amazon marketing. You can use the tag at any specified level, such as campaign, channel, or keyword. 

Getting the Most Out of It 

  • For off-Amazon promotional campaigns, such as social ads, influencers, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest links, and direct website links that link to Amazon, use Amazon Attribution links.
  • When using Google Adwords on Amazon, use the Attribution Program to see what keywords convert the best. 
  • Send Attribution reports to your desired email addresses at the frequency you specify. 
  • In the order settings, list all your products. This allows you to track conversions for any of your products, not just the one being promoted. 
  • Amazon Attribution reports include clicks, as well as Amazon conversion metrics, such as detailed page views, Add to Carts, and purchases. Reporting is available via downloadable reports and within the console.

*For registration, you can visit here for detailed information.

(c) Brand Referral Bonus Program

Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus program offers sellers a chance to receive a bonus of 10% of product sales driven by marketing efforts that are not Amazon-related. These bonuses are credited to the seller through their referral fees, reducing them from 15% to 5% for the applicable sales. 

Off-Amazon marketing has been proven to increase traffic to Amazon and brand awareness. Through this program, you can earn a bonus at no cost. 

Note: All brand owners selling in Amazon’s US store are eligible to enroll. If you sell on Amazon but have not registered your brand yet, click here to enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry.

How to get started with it?

Register for the Brand Referral Bonus program.

  • Enroll in Amazon Attribution if you are not already.
  • Create tags for your promoted products using Amazon Attribution. All traffic must have an Amazon Attribution tag in order to qualify for the bonus.
  • Launch your advertising effort.

(d) Amazon Live

Brands can broadcast live or prerecorded videos to Amazon shoppers demonstrating product features and usage with Amazon Live. Shoppers can watch live streams on any device.

You can advertise on Amazon Live for free, get more product placements, engage shoppers, and drive sales. Influencers can review your product on Amazon Live for free. By live streaming and monetizing their livestream drives, influencers can earn a commission on any purchases made. Promoting coupon codes in your live stream can encourage customers to make a purchase. You can add an Amazon coupon code when setting up your live stream via the Live Creator app. You may be eligible to “leveling up” on Amazon Live if you make high-quality videos and live stream regularly. Check the qualifications and apply if you’re eligible. You can unlock additional placements as you progress.

How to set up Amazon Live?

  • Install the Amazon Live Creator iOS app. Log in to your Seller Central or advertising console account.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to select products, choose a title, and set a start time. Be sure to check the Community Policy.
  • Use Amazon Live Creator to capture your live video or use an external camera to stream your video to Amazon.
Amazon Live
Source: Internet Retailing

(e)  Amazon Influencer Program

A social media influencer creates content that has a large and engaged following. An influencer is someone who reviews and promotes products on their blog, social network, and/or YouTube channel. 

Customers are usually drawn to influencers’ personalities, knowledge, and recommendations. Influencer marketing allows brands to reach highly targeted audiences.

Amazon Influencer program

Influencer campaigns can be used to boost awareness and sales of new products. Take advantage of influencers of all sizes, from micro-influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers to macro-influencers with over 500,000 followers, depending on your budget. When customers see a famous face endorsing a product, their trust in the brand grows.

(f) Amazon Experiments

Manage Your Experiments is a new tool that allows eligible sellers to run A/B tests on their A+ content, product titles, and, as of 2021, their product images.

Some of the A+ Content elements you’ll be able to test are:

  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Text
  • The order in which your A+ modules are stacked
  • Adding extra modules to your existing A+ content
  • Adding charts, graphs, and graphics in place of photography for your images

The same principles apply when experimenting with your product titles, and now

Who are eligible for this?

You must meet the two levels of eligibility (More on eligibility further down this article) to run experiments on your product images:

  • Brand eligibility
  • ASIN eligibility

Right now, Manage your Experiments is only available for vendors and brand registered sellers on the U.S. marketplace. For more information, visit here

Final words

Amazon is a fantastic place to make your business a success. Most brands are already there but struggling to get their products in front of consumers. The key is to have a broad marketing strategy that will work for you on and off Amazon, such as having multiple touchpoints with customers and engaging them at relevant moments throughout the purchase journey.

Paxcom experts have honed state-of-the-art marketing methods over the years if you seek someone who can streamline the process for you and help you make 2022 decisions based on data-backed strategies. Connect with us at


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