Alternative to Building an Ecommerce Team When Talent Is in Short Supply

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The eCommerce landscape has become expansive over the last few years, and brands have started extending their reach by listing products online on multiple platforms. Due to having so much on the plate, it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the tasks as well as to optimize the growth and customer satisfaction along with maintaining the eCommerce accounts, product listing, content management, and SEO become a task due to the other operations that need to be performed along with it. This is where the eCommerce category management role hops in and has observed a more significant demand among brands, content specialists, digital media strategists, and digital analysts. However, finding the right match with the right skill set and knowledge is a bit demanding and indulges a long process. Furthermore, how hiring an eCommerce agency can help you fill the talent crunch by leaps and bounds.

What should one do when talent is in Short Supply? 

The talent crunch is challenging but finding the right person for the in-house team is even harder. The crunch underlies roles, responsibilities, the right amount of training and development process, and higher compensations. eCommerce agencies act as a catalyst in bridging the gap between brands and online marketplaces. Most importantly, you’ll be updated with the latest trends and equipped with the latest tools and technologies for digital optimization, strategy building, brand awareness, and digital shelf analytics. A top-notch eCommerce agency will support you with a broader perspective, top-notch technologies, constant guidance, and adequate support when you outsource.

The thought must’ve crossed your mind that hiring an agency might cost you a fortune but let me burst your bubble, Agencies are cost-effective and aim to provide you with the utmost value for your money. 

The blog lays emphasis on factors such as 

  • Outsourcing
  • Automation 
  • Upskilling or Cross Training

Dive into how these factors can help your brand streamline the process and help you increase productivity and efficiency. 


Since eCommerce is constantly evolving, businesses need to adapt to this technologically advanced environment. However, the in-house team might not be able to keep up with the trends and resources since they have so much on their plates. Hence, Outsourcing comes out as a reliable source as it aids in increasing efficiency. 

When choosing an eCommerce agency, one must consider a few factors such as the knowledge and experience about your field, along with a vigorous operations team. While finalizing, you must also peep through the agency’s clientele and portfolio as the agency is going to be a crucial partner in scaling up your business and has a knowledge of the industry and the offerings. 

Outsourcing has a lot to do with expansion as the agency helps you in widening your spectrum, an ideal agency is more focused towards your growth and makes all the necessary arrangements to provide you with the utmost valuable services whether it be related to SEO, visibility, strategy and execution or access to the premium tools, they have it all. 

When you outsource, you can dedicate your time to scaling your business by focusing on the other core activities. It will help you in reducing operational costs along with infrastructural expenses. The saved-up funds can be used to invest in other business opportunities as well as training & development of the current employees.  

One of the significant advantages is enhanced access to resources. eCommerce outsourcing will help to maintain financial stability and flexibility in the face of seasonal fluctuations, such as during the off-season or during lengthy holidays. Even though you have urgent human resource needs, your service providers could be able to assist you further.

Outsourcing your e-commerce business will help you reduce responsibility and associated risks. A skilled e-commerce service provider will often have success handling large projects and brands. This can assist you in identifying issues like traffic surges, payment card fraud, and more. You may also avoid and reduce company risks by following their best practices.    

To read more about outsourcing, you can further dive into the blog on 5 benefits of eCommerce agency.


As the name suggests, Automation is a process or a system that operates automatically. The foremost objective of automation is to be efficient and save time by performing tasks through a digital workforce. Tools like price monitoring, digital shelf analysis, and content management accelerate the functionality and authenticity of the business as well as the brands. One of the biggest advantages of automation is that it allows you to focus on activities that could be of added value to the digital era. 

Automation not only saves you time but is cost-effective as it is a subscription-based tool. Moreover, SaaS-based software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time throughout your subscription period. The channel-intelligence tool can further be customized as per the brand’s requirements hence, you only pay for the services you opt for, and enables you to make data-driven decisions through the digital analytics software. The consolidated software helps you track multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across multiple eCommerce platforms. 

From Reducing manual errors to improving productivity along with optimized insights. Automation maintains consistent data quality throughout the process. It further requires less manpower and can function on its own. Once, you invest in automated software, you do not need to hassle about spending hours on getting reports done, instead, that time can be used to boost the productivity of the team members by indulging them in tasks that require manpower and strategic part rather than binding them to the similar monotonous tasks. The software makes a smooth outro for you as it can do multiple tasks and alert you when the products are out of stock, or if is there any discrepancy in terms of the price through its price monitoring tool.

One of the most significant benefits of Automation is scalability. The tool can be customized according to the business requirements. The software gives you the freedom to choose and begin with one feature and add more to that later, if, you feel that you no longer require a specific feature of the software you can always modify, subtract or replace that feature. As a result, no matter where you are in your business journey or how large your organization becomes, you can reap the benefits of automation. 

Upskill or Cross Training 

By offering frequent training and follow-ups, eCommerce agencies strengthen your internal teams. Connecting with agencies can provide new insights and data. The teams work collectively towards a common objective and comprehensive brand growth. Most companies believe in the training and development of their employees. Cross-training contributes to the innovation of new ideas, and the employees get the opportunity to hone their existing skills and develop new ones continuously.  

Upskilling also helps improve productivity at work, and it is, furthermore one of the coherent ways to achieve employee retention in this competitive scenario. Employers realize the need for finding people with a good mix of hard and soft talents. In such a competitive environment, maintaining top talent is critical to sustaining productivity and growth – and upskilling and cross-skilling skilled individuals assist you in retaining talent by investing in your professional development.


Hiring an eCommerce agency can help you stay on top of trends, new market advancements, cost-effective planning, and value-added decisions.

For e-commerce companies to continue their market penetration and global expansion unabated, a comprehensive e-commerce recruitment strategy reinforced with new-age hiring trends must be devised to address these hiring challenges head-on and tap into a broad candidate pool of highly qualified businesses and technical talent. 

Paxcom can help you in navigating the challenging marketplaces for online shopping. We have specialist teams to take care of your demands and assist you in setting benchmarks for the eCommerce channels. 

Contact us to learn more about how Paxcom can help you build your online presence in this widening eCommerce landscape.


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