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Ready for the 9.9 SEA Rush? Your Must-Have eCommerce Checklist

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One of the most significant eCommerce flash sales events is right at your doorstep. Yes, you got that right: 9.9 Super Shopping Day Sale. The event is widely celebrated in Southeast Asia, which has a solid online shopping culture. eMarketer stated that the e-commerce revenue for Southeast Asia is expected to touch $363 billion in 2025. These double-day sales record transactions worth millions.  

Source: Shopee

Shopee, a Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, pioneered the 9.9 Super Shopping Day in 2016. This Shopee event has firmly established itself as a consumer favorite after its 7th edition. Let’s have a look at the insights from the 9.9 Super Shopping Day Sale 2022, 

  • 5x sales uplift 
  • 9x increase in ShopeePay users 
  • Top Categories – Health & Beauty, Home & Living, Mobile & Accessories. 
  • 24 Million game plays on Shopee prizes 
  • Two million+ watch hours on Shopee Live 

Being one of the most influential sales of the year in Southeast Asia, it brings opportunities to retailers in abundance. It doesn’t matter whether you are well-established on the platform or a newbie; the super shopping day is the same for all. What matters here the most is how you utilize and make the most of the sale. 

Importance of the Super Shopping Day Sale. 

The sale aims to make eCommerce more accessible to local communities by offering a splendid shopping experience with strengthened logistics and payment partners. The motto is to make the shopping experience worthwhile and ensure sellers and buyers extract the most value from it. Not only this, but 9.9 is also viewed as a springboard to expedite economic growth by offering the best of the best services to the involved parties.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, this article comprehensively covers why you should join the event, how to prepare for it, and how to maximize sales during the event. Your mind must be exploding with hundreds of thoughts about what and how it can be done. Sit back and relax; we’ve got your backs and are here to make you D-Day ready.

Pre-Sale Period 

  1. Inventory Check 

Inventory Management 

The first and foremost strategy is to keep the inventory customer-ready. Pre-plan the products you want to focus on during the sale and align your inventory accordingly. Look into the previous data and trends to finalize the products. 

Here, you can use a channel intelligence tool to analyze the inventory and the sales chart. The tool also allows you to monitor your competitors’ SKUs, and its intelligent algorithm never lets your product go out of stock. Having an accurate quantity of products is important; hence, strategies like first in, first out, or last in, first out can help you maintain your inventory better and diminish the chances of wastage. 

  1. Price Optimization and Early Promotions

After finalizing the product, the next step is price optimization. Having a robust pricing strategy gives you the flexibility to decide whether you want to drop the price for the event or offer lucrative combo deals to the customers. 

Reducing the prices occasionally during the sale day will leverage your sales rate. Determining the types of promotions or exclusive deals you want to offer is advisable. Having a complete collection for sale will increase the chances of selling the products faster. 

Planning helps the brand secure an influential spot for the banner in the marketplace. You will be ahead of the competition, and early promotions will pique customers’ interest, who will keep an eye out for the same. To strategize it better, you can always prepare a content calendar describing the objectives of the sale, highlighting the hero products with eye-catching visuals and relevant hashtags. 

Email marketing lets you send your target audience a sneak peek of upcoming sales and offers. Scheduling the emails in advance at regular intervals with concise subject lines increases the chances of more conversions. 

During the Sale

  1. Customer Support 

Offering marvelous customer service should be the highest priority. While searching for a product, multiple questions may arise in their minds, and the customers only make a purchase when all their doubts are cleared, and they have a concise know-how of the product. Here, the live chat acts as a catalyst between you and the customer, while, on the other hand, an updated FAQ section addressing the potential queries of the customer does wonders. 

  1. Monitoring and Analytics

Keep a keen eye on the product’s performance, traffic, and conversions. Tracking key performance indicators such as bounce rates, conversion rates, and order value encourages the brand to do better in the future.  

  1. Customer Engagement

Make the customers excited by showcasing interactive content such as quick contests, quizzes, polls, live streams, and games. Encourage them to share their reviews and experiences across social media platforms and use relevant hashtags for the same. 

Post-Sale Period

Assess Your Results

Once the 9.9 sale days are over, assess your results and track your performance throughout the time frame. Analyze the sales data, the feedback, and the reviews left by customers on the page, and track your performance across the social channels. It will help you better understand the brand’s performance and your best-selling products. The gathered data will help you robustly prepare for future sales. 

Here are the astounding results that one of our brands achieved during the 6.6-day sale on Shopee Singapore as the best-selling brand and Lazada Singapore in the health and Infant nutrition categories.

A Snapshot of Abbott’s Performance During the 6.6 Day Sale. 

How Paxcom comes into the picture 

Known for providing its best end-to-end solutions to brands dealing across multiple channels and geographies worldwide. Paxcom is a pioneer in this industry, and our in-house digital shelf analytics tool, Kinator, makes us function better. Combined, Kintor and our team of eCommerce experts have helped the brands reach new heights. 

Take a look at how Kinator amplified the brand’s visibility from 63% to 94% and helped the brand plug the problems, resulting in the brand regaining its position as a market leader in the industry. 

Want to witness tremendous growth for your brand? Book a Conversation or write to us at info@paxcom.net, and we will get back to you to discuss how your brand can achieve greater heights.

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