How Paxcom amplified a consumer wellness brand’s sale by 8X on Amazon

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It’s a fact that e-commerce and major online retailers like Amazon are unstoppable forces that continue to grow year after year. Customers are increasingly trying to find the best health and wellness products because of the post-COVID health awareness shift.

Health and wellness are at the top of the mind for customers, and online marketplaces enable companies to provide access to wellness solutions unlike ever before. With 42% considering wellness to be a top priority (Mckinsey report), consumer wellness brands are finding success on Amazon. However, all the hype comes with challenges.

Paxcom worked with a consumer wellness brand to identify the pain points of their business and create a plan to increase sales.

Challenges Faced in running Amazon Ads:

  • Low Market Share
  • Limited Targeting
  • Saturated Sales
  • Basic content and creatives

Paxcom’s Strategy- 

In addition to optimizing the content, Paxcom followed a step-by-step approach to overcome the above challenges through optimally using Amazon Sponsored Ads – 

  • Micro-segmentation of sub-brands to increase visibility & scale up the sales.
  • Category nodes and product title correction to improve visibility and reach.
  • Aggressive targeting on specific categories and competition brands to increase advertising share of voice.
  • Started separate sponsored campaigns with planned targeting types to better analyze brand capabilities and area of scope.
  • Launched sponsored display campaigns for broad targeting.
  • Despite having a set of vast keywords and aggressive targeting types, we managed to run the campaigns in the optimum ROAS as compared to the earlier ROAS with limited targeting.
  • Optimized sponsored brand creatives & videos to increase customer engagement.

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