A leading personal care brand partners with Paxcom to drive sales growth on Flipkart

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Initial ChallengeThe Challenges faced by the brand initially on Flipkart-

  • High ACOS
  • Lesser Campaign Relevance or Losing Campaign Relevancy M.O.M 
  • Spend leaks & Lesser Visibility
  • All campaigns running in the same account

Paxcom’s strategy behind the brand’s sales growth and improved eComm performance

  • Placement wise bidding and negative targeting to improve ACOS
  • Tested & launched campaigns with no end date to improve the campaign relevancy.
  • Designed and launched PCA campaigns for various product categories. 
  • Separate single and multipack campaigns were launched.
  • Started separate campaigns in (Flipkart National and Flipkart Grocery) for better

Note: All the data for National and Grocery was compiled together from the day campaigns started in respective accounts and avg for 56 days was taken to compare it to 56 days data after Paxcom onboarded.

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