How a leading food category brand achieved 7X growth on Amazon

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Initial Challenges:

  • Content and images Enrichment
  • Lesser Campaign Relevancy
  • Unable to Scale Sales
  • Low Brand Visibility
  • Low Organic Search Ranking

Paxcom’s approach to improving the category’s performance on Amazon-

  • Updated primary images & A+ content across the platform, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Upgraded titles with relevant keywords that resulted in enhanced brand visibility across the multiple search terms.
  • Introduced optimal keyword-rich content and backend search terms to improve the search result ranking.
  • Tested & launched campaigns with no end date to improve the campaign relevancy.
  • Designed and launched Sponsored Product campaigns for various product categories.
  • Segmentation of campaigns based on the specific product type for upselling & cross-selling.
  • Started separate campaigns with (Branded Keywords, Generic Keywords & Competition ASIN Targeting) to better analyze brand capabilities.

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