Gourmet category brand achieves 8.5X sales growth on Amazon

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With food and gourmet categories, e-commerce presents a unique challenge because the most important decision-making sense –taste — is hidden from view. As a result, branding becomes even more critical. Package design, promotional campaigns, photography, product page, and package copy, all contribute to telling the story and helping customers imagine how it will taste and make the buying experience seamless.


The gourmet brand wanted to take advantage of the growing eCommerce market by improving campaign performance on Amazon. Their goal was to manage Amazon marketing campaigns while setting more granular benchmarks and rules to improve their visibility and increase their order volume rate. 

Brand Challenges – A Snippet

  • Brand visibility
  • Limited Targeting
  • Low Order volume
  • Retail readiness

Paxcom’s Strategy for brand visibility and sales lift-

  • Prepared a brand portfolio on Amazon that segregated different sauce types to have a macroscopic analysis of KPIs and compare relative performance with other categories. Portfolios helped us to have a more accurate benchmark for a particular sauce type over time. 
  • Focus on specific categories and competition brands to increase your advertising share of voice. 
  • We used all sponsored ad types with planned targeting types to better analyze brand capabilities and area of scope. 
  • I created different campaigns with all match types in order to harness relevant sales-generating keywords.  
  • Created separate campaigns for impulse-driven keywords generating high sales, high ACOS keywords for brand awareness in the category, and long-tail keywords to improve visibility on low volume and high intent keywords.
  • Optimized sponsored brand creatives and videos to increase customer engagement. 
  • Brand consultation on how to make a product page retail ready to reap organic benefits.



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