Nutrition category brand partners with Paxcom to unlock sales opportunities

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Category overview: Health and Nutrition brands are growing in popularity, especially after COVID. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious. But the best-selling categories also come with their own challenges, namely, transparency with content information; the category growth also brought with it a slew of competition. To stand out from the crowd, it was necessary to create a  differentiation in what was fast becoming a cluttered category.

Paxcom’s process for rectifying the challenges

Research | Create Templates | Follow Marketplace Content Guidelines | Seek Internal Feedback


 Low Organic Visibility | High ACOS | Low CTR | Low Conversions | Low Category Share

Paxcom’s Approach

  • Created content templates for product titles, bullet points, descriptions, A+ content, and how-to instructions to educate the audience.
  • Optimum usage of high-volume, SEO-rich keywords in the content and AMS campaigns.
  • Hero images were upgraded with more high-definition ones to showcase products in a better light and improve the CTR.
  • Consulted Brand to address consumers’ concerns in the FAQs and reviews to improve brand credibility.
  • Enabled ‘Subscribe & Save’, variant, and by-line mapping across all channels to improve category share.


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