Why Digital Shelf Analytics Is Important

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eCommerce is constantly growing, and keeping up with new norms and criteria – while focusing on YOY sales growth is a task!  A complex economy is created by new goods, new qualities, and new publishing criteria. The best chance you have to overcome this is to analyze it and discover the finest solution! To maximize sales, a brand must have a good understanding of how its digital shelf is performing. Without digital shelf metrics, a brand is like driving a car without knowing which lane to turn on. Digital shelf metrics not only show sales but also how well products perform on various search engines. They can help you identify problems with your distribution network and product pages, and they can also reveal which sellers are sending the most traffic.

But you may be wondering about its benefits and the best method to use it; well, this article will take you on a journey into the world of digital shelves.

Meaning Of Digital Shelf Analytics

Digital shelf analytics, or DSA, is the continuous analysis of eCommerce data to help eCommerce stores stay ahead of the competition. It can help retailers optimize digital touchpoints with consumers and boost sales. It is especially useful for eCommerce stores that partner with multiple online retailers. It can provide real-time insights into digital shelf performance and mitigate inconsistencies.

How to Use Digital Shelf Analytics in Business

For digital shelf analytics, most brands are not prepared. They are unable to get the necessary data and derive useful insights from it because they lack the necessary tools, time, and ability. Only specialized software can access some of the data you need to examine. 

Digital Shelf Analytics is a powerful tool that helps retailers track customer behavior and make better decisions. The ability to monitor sales performance in real-time can lead to more effective channel selection and greater conversion rates.

Following are the steps you can use the Digital shelves to gain a certain edge over the competition-

Invest in SEO to Boost Your Visibility

Since a search engine is typically the first point of contact in a consumer’s online buying experience, SEO for eCommerce websites increases the likelihood that your categories will rank well in search results. This boosts the visibility of your products. Choose the right keywords that customers are using to seek your products, and then include them in product pages and blog posts that correspond to their search intent

Customize Your Strategy for Different Markets

Different marketplaces like Amazon need different strategies. You should understand how to properly optimize your Amazon SEO since many customers with particular purchasing intentions will start their initial search on these marketplaces.

Start Concentrating on the Effective Online Shelf Metrics

Analytics of traffic is essential for dominating the digital shelf. To get better outcomes, you must be aware of the metrics that are important, measure them regularly, and know how to act on the data. There are several eCommerce metrics to consider, but which ones should you consider? The following are some-

  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • ROAS

Improve the Quality of Your Content

The next step is to ensure that your products are presented correctly. While you may not realize it, consumers rely heavily on the description of a product. Be sure to include all product information, such as weight and dimensions. Also, include any benefits the product provides. You should also make sure to check for grammatical errors. A professional copy can go a long way in winning a shopper.

Why It Is Important to Use Digital Shelf Analytics

It is crucial to monitor and optimize your online store’s digital shelf position for maximum ROI. This can be accomplished with Digital Shelf Analytics. You can improve conversion rates and customer service by analyzing product listings. Your brand’s digital shelf position also helps you to choose the right channel for your product.

Improve Your Brand Online Presence-

With fierce competition comes to the opportunity to increase the visibility of your goods. An essential tool for enhancing it on digital eCommerce channels is Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA). It offers crucial data about product visibility for enhancing search engine optimization (SEO). Products must have accurate and up-to-date info, and all product information must be effectively displayed across all channels in order to enhance SEO results. It is crucial to have a PIM system that automates and enriches product data in order to accomplish this goal.

Increase Visibility

Making your items easier to find and enhancing your internet visibility are two of the greatest advantages of digital shelf analytics. With the right data, you can see the trends in search engine success and customize your product pages to fit these patterns. The digital shelf is very different from the traditional physical store. It relies heavily on product content, including reviews, ratings, and videos. All this information is displayed on retailer websites to help consumers make an informed purchase. In addition, less than half of consumers go past the first page of search results, and most of this traffic comes from top placements. Also, 60% of consumers read product reviews online before making a purchase.

Improve Conversions

The most important indicator you can analyze is conversion rates. They exhibit the efficiency with which a certain asset converts prospects into customers. Regarding e-commerce, you need to keep an eye on how modifications to a product page affect your conversion rates and how those rates differ amongst different sellers. It can help your brand win on the digital shelf by analyzing how shoppers get to the site, what they buy, and how they interact with your products. This information will also help you understand where your product pages are weak or overperforming, ensuring that they are optimized accordingly. It is also a great way to strengthen your digital image.

Increase Sales

Since there are several eCommerce platforms on which one may sell their goods, it is crucial to compile all of this data on one sheet and carefully analyze the number of goods sold, the most popular goods, the keywords that consumers are using, and the demographics of buyers.

This knowledge can assist sellers in choosing the right platform for them and their customer profile, resulting in an increase in sales.

How to Choose the Best Digital Shelf Analytics Tool

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, your digital shelf analytics must provide a scalable solution helping you to grow at a speed that is sustainable over the long run.

For brands that want to create an edge in the competitive e-commerce world, implementing Digital Shelf Analytics is a good choice. Following are some points one must consider before onboarding the best digital shelf analytics solution team

  1. Who will be the POC for the tool? What actionable insights you’ll be getting from him/her?
  2. How simple will be the procedure of onboarding?
  3. When presented in an understandable and accessible format, would the tool reveal the potential for growth?
  4. Will the insights contribute in a significant way right away?

What are the metrics for digital shelf analytics?

Most brands do not have the time, resources, or talent to develop the metrics needed to make informed decisions about their business. Additionally, the data they have is limited and not always up-to-date. Furthermore, some data is only available through specialized software, which can be difficult to collect and organize.

In order to win the digital shelf, eCommerce brands need to be flexible and adaptive. In addition, they must continually fine-tune their digital assets to meet consumer preferences. Digital shelf analytics is not passive; it requires action from your team to drive business results. This means leveraging a digital analytics solution that tracks multiple metrics

The following are the most important metrics for eCommerce brands to look out for:

  1. Stock Status
  2. Price and promotions tracking
  3. Merchandise category visibility
  4. Search Visibility
  5. Content scorecard
  6. Ratings and reviews analysis
  7. Filter options
  8. Customizable and user-friendly
  9. Global tracking
  10. Seller status

Inconsistent content on a product page can negatively impact conversion rates. Additionally, it can lead consumers to think that the site is not genuine. The right digital shelf analytics tool can help brands ensure consistency of content across the online marketplace by monitoring compliance with content standards.

You can track and analyze all these variables and more with kinator, a digital shelf analytics tool.


The digital shelf is a great tool to increase the visibility of a brand’s products. It is very similar to a physical store shelf but with the added benefit of continuous evolution. Its goal is to maximize findability by making it easy for consumers to find the products they are interested in. Hence, it is important to list products in the right categories and include relevant keywords. Another important factor is pricing the products intelligently. Digital shelf analytics solutions help in making this possible. With the use of artificial intelligence, the platform can analyze products automatically and promote them accordingly.

In addition, digital shelf analytics software should provide actionable insights. It should enable users to make better decisions with the help of accurate data. The digital shelf analytics platform should allow users to select data from various sources, ranging from local search to competitor intelligence. These data should provide actionable insights that help businesses make smarter decisions.

With our in-house eCommerce data analytics tool, we provide digital commerce services, including enhanced eCommerce tracking, digital shelf analytics, and price Intelligence.


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