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Your e-commerce site has a lot to say. But are you saying the right things? Comprehensive, strategic product descriptions are key to creating an engaging customer experience. Whether they’re on your homepage/product detail page or buried inside the depths of your e-commerce store, your product descriptions will educate customers about your brand and product. 

And with so many options available, it’s tempting to cut corners and paste in some generic text that takes little more than a few minutes to write. Unfortunately, this strategy limits your results.

Many online store owners do indeed think that it is just an extra, but having a good product description is actually essential for eCommerce content marketing. Wondering Why?

The following example will help you better understand the importance of product descriptions and how they contribute to the conversion.

Finding the right speakers online that genuinely fit a consumer’s needs can be a difficult task as there are multiple options, with a seemingly unlimited range from home theatre systems to soundbar speakers.

A consumer named Mark wanted to buy speakers, but finding one among the huge catalog can be a daunting task. This is where the product description comes in. By providing basic product information, you can help simplify the world of speakers for customers.

Break down the latest technologies, product specifications, features, benefits, and accessories to give him the complete picture and ease the task of making the right decision that fits his requirements.

Now imagine the brands who provide all these details on their product description page, they will definitely aid the decision-making process for Mark, giving him the information whether this speaker meets his requirements or not.

Now we know that product descriptions play a significant role in customers’ purchasing decisions. With the realization of product description’s importance to sales, companies are spending more and more time and effort on improving and making the product description pages efficient.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the role of eCommerce Content Marketing and product description, what to include, and basically, how to do it right!

What Is a Product Description?

A product description is a detailed overview of a product that broadly describes the uses, features, enhances eCommerce content marketing, and explains how the product can resolve problems or needs of the consumer.

For starters, a well-written and compelling product description can improve sales of your product. Informed customers are more likely to buy, which means you’ll have an easier time putting together a persuasive sales pitch!

It acts as an online salesperson describing the product while simultaneously creating a bridge between the audience and the brand.

Let’s do a short and quick experiment, shall we? Here are two product descriptions. Which one do you think would most likely make you purchase the product?

Product description A

eCommerce product description
Source: Aveeno

As you can see, the product description in product A is neither relevant nor appropriate to attract customers. The description is too small, non-specific, and has no catchy phrases. Why would anyone buy a product without having a detailed idea of its features and more? Instead of buying from the given brand, people will tend to shift to other products. This is an example of a poor product description.

Product description B

Baby care product description
Source: Chicco

In the above example, let’s take a look at the Chicco kids product. The product description does a wonderful job of describing the product’s features and addressing the problems, needs, and worries of new moms.

As new moms are very cautious about the uses and benefits of baby products before buying, it is important to use this strategy for optimizing your product description. When perfectly written, it can positively impact a potential customer’s decision to purchase your product.

Key points/uses of a product description

  • It helps to upsell a product. 
  • Helps with the SEO of the product page.
  • It helps with the comparison of similar products.
  • Helps the end-user by providing the relevant details.
How do you write a good product description

How do you write a good product description?

When it comes to eCommerce content marketing, this question must weigh heavily on your mind: How can you craft the perfect product description to market your products? Doesn’t it? We’re here to help.

A good product description allows brands to call out their product features with a good storyline. A brand can use multiple creative ways to build its storyline and differentiate its product description from its competitors.

The more interactive the content, the higher are the chances of the shoppers sticking to your detail pages for longer. For example, we know that a healing crystal ring enhances the beauty, but to convince potential customers, it is suggested that you use phrases that they can relate to, like by adding the specific healing functions of the crystal, its traditional uses, and its history.

By doing so, we can connect with the customer on an emotional level, which will make them have this ring.

We will now explore various steps to write the perfect product description.

1. Optimise Descriptions for Search Engines

ecommerce product marketing

Suppose your product description is listed online incorporated with good keywords. In that case, you’ll be able to make it easier for search engines to seek out your brand’s products, further improving the organic ranking.

Analysis of the keywords will assist you in building it to the highest of search results by employing a keyword analyzer or checking on keywords employed by your competitors. 

Adding relevant and rich keywords to the product description helps you to get a higher rank in the search results from the search engine optimization’s perspective. In most cases, you’ll have to include the keyword into the title and close to the start of your product description.

2. Know your Audience

eCommerce Promotional Services

If you try to sell your product to everyone, you’ll end up selling to no one. The best product description will know your target audience and the language they speak to create a product description. You should create a buyer’s persona for creating a profile of your target customer as per your eCommerce content marketing strategies. If you haven’t defined your content as per your target audience yet, begin by asking these questions:

  1. What are the main queries and their solutions?
  2. What issues will this product solve?
  3. How will this product fulfill customers’ desires and level of satisfaction?
  4. Why should they buy it from us instead of any other seller?
  5. What keywords or phrases might they use to search for the product?

3. Focus more on solutions, benefits, and features

e commerce marketing plan

As an eCommerce business owner, you want to share all of your products’ qualities, features, and benefits to make them more unique and different from your competitors. The features must be clear-cut, and the uses will require a bit more creativity and knowledge of your target customers.

However, both features and benefits help in establishing creative writing. Make sure to emphasize the positive aspects of each.

4. Make it easy to read

ecommerce content management

Generally speaking, very long product descriptions aren’t necessary. In most cases of eCommerce content marketing, you’ll need to make your product description a bit shorter and more precise.

As you’re writing product descriptions for humans. They’re going to consider your product, browse the information, and judge whether to shop for it or not. Features and benefits are the highlights of your product, and thus ought to be featured in bullet points. This lets consumers scan through the advantages and features, and conversions will happen faster.

Closing thoughts

A product description is a valuable tool in eCommerce content marketing that lets you share more information about your products with your audience. A brand can use multiple benefits and features to build its storyline and differentiate its product description from its competitors. Try to embrace keywords that are search engine friendly. However, if you can’t work them within the description, place them within the product title instead.

If nothing else, concentrate on using relevant keywords with accurate information in your descriptions to make the product stand out.

The more interactive the description, the higher are the chances of the consumer sticking to your detail pages for longer. All it takes is an experienced team of eCommerce experts with guided knowledge to create such content for your brand.

At Paxcom, we have a team of content and design professionals who assist brands in creating and optimizing their eCommerce content to meet the brand guidelines as well as industry best practices.

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