E-commerce omnichannel strategy

How to create a successful E-commerce Omnichannel Strategy?

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Most online stores are optimized only for the web version to cater to different consumer segments.

Would you like to create an omnichannel solution for your business? A solution that not just takes care of your online presence, but also makes sure that your brand reaches out to your target audience through all possible means? Would you like to ensure that your brand is not only brought to the right platform but also presented correctly?

We have put together a blog on how to create the perfect omnichannel solution that works for you. Let’s get started.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

The goal of Omnichannel solution marketing is to create your brand’s presence across both online (website, app, social media, email, SMS, WhatsApp) and offline (retail store, events, contact center) channels, ensuring a positive and seamless customer experience across the board.

Since more than 67% of customers cite lousy customer service as a reason to leave, it is paramount to emphasize the words “positive” and “seamless.” So, if you want to win and retain customers, strengthen your omnichannel solution for your marketing strategy to ensure your customers have a positive experience throughout their journey.

How to Craft Perfect Omnichannel Strategy?

Omnichannel solution strategy

1. Map your customers’ journey using the right channels

customer journey

You will not meet your customers on just one platform, so you have to spread your presence across multiple channels. Think of your customer’s journey as a map. It starts with online research and ends with a purchase or decision to move on-each being a stop in the journey. You need a solution that can help you create an omnichannel solution for your customers by connecting all the channels to provide a unified experience for them.

It’s all about reaching your customers where they are and ensuring that your content displays well across all screen types so they can pick up where they left off.

2. Identify a clear objective for each channel

omni-channel solution

You need to set your goals for each channel that you use. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using these channels? Your customers’ pattern of purchase using various channels. For example, one may use an app for ease of ordering, while another may use a website or an eCommerce channel to gather product information. To achieve this, you just need to dig a little deeper into how the customer wishes to interact with your brand. Ultimately, your sole concern is to increase traffic and increase lifetime value.

A clear objective for each channel will help you determine where to spend your resources the most, and you can allocate your budget accordingly to minimize overspending.

3. Ensure smooth integration between channels

In order to meet your customer’s demands, there are a lot of preparations that go on at the operations level, which play a significant role in fulfilling all the above points—managing multiple channels & team members, looking after orders, and product information. It becomes essential to automate the process using the right tools to help synchronize the entire process. Let’s take a look at omnichannel solution tools that can help you bring down the operational costs with automated replenishment.

a. Product information management (PIM) software

Product information management software provides a centralized location for managing your whole product portfolio. It enables you to manage your products and other product-related information like price, availability, additional attributes, and sync details with different eCommerce channels.

PIM software steps

Why should you use PIM?

  • Process streamlining for onboarding suppliers and data providers
  • Create a single source of truth for product information
  • Data quality and consistency across all channels should be improved
  • Ensures a great customer experience by delivering a compelling product experience.

Paxcom’s PIM omnichannel solution tool can provide SaaS-based offerings with an enterprise-grade scale regardless of your budget, a straightforward sign-up process, and a highly customized solution presentation to maximize performance.

b. Order Management software (OMS)

Omnichannel order management system is a powerful application designed to manage the complete order lifecycle of eCommerce businesses. This order management system dashboard allows users to see and control their entire inventory and track and fulfill customer orders from start to finish. It provides real-time information about inventory so that there is no delay in replenishing it as and when required.

OMS software steps

Why should you use Order Management System (OMS) software?

  • It helps activate inventory both in-store and warehouses to be sold online. The use of streamlined systems can also provide cost savings and better inventory management for short-distance shipping.
  • Order Management integrates tightly with eCommerce and helps streamline the return process by providing shoppers with their order history.
  • The software provides a single view of customers’ preferences, purchases, and orders to ensure a seamless shopping experience across digital and physical channels.

The Paxcom OMS tool is built to meet the complex needs of omnichannel businesses and streamline their orders. It provides an intelligent routing engine, comprehensive, configurable routing rules (based on geolocation) to help you reduce order processing time, and easy return management and fulfillment workflow.

c. Warehouse and Inventory Management (WMS)

WMS software steps

A warehouse inventory management system is an essential tool for virtually any business that handles inventory. It allows you to keep track of many thousands of items, quickly reorder products when they get too low, and make sure you never have too many or too few products on hand. All of this improves your bottom line and even strengthens your relationships with customers by ensuring you can give them what they want when they want it.

Why do you need Warehouse Management Software (WMS)?

  • It offers automation to improve efficiency by alerting you to stock status.
  • It streamlines equipment used to reduce operational costs.
  • The system improves data accuracy, which reduces the time required for replenishment and reconciling lost units.
  • Optimizes warehouse operations by providing better demand planning and more reliable security.

Paxcom’s WMS software can help you manage multiple warehouses and unlimited locations, from orders to pick-up to fulfillment, integrated with 3PL, including damage and returns management. This enables you to eliminate packaging errors, optimize storage capacity and stock replenishment, and reduce slower shipping times.

4. Optimization brings improvisation

omnichannel solution

When your customers use more than one channel to connect with you, make sure the information and services they receive are consistent across all channels. If you create a great experience on one channel, do not disappoint them when they use another way to engage with you.

It is important to ensure all your channels are updated and look appealing so that your customers will not hesitate to reach out to you anytime they need help or information about your product/service.

Now is the time to take the next step!

74% of consumers are willing to abandon a brand if the purchasing process isn’t easy to navigate, according to Salesforce. Regardless of whether they’re a B2C or B2B buyer, they expect seamless, convenient shopping. In an era where competition is increasing, and an increasing number of companies are shifting to digital commerce, it is more important than ever that businesses meet their customers’ needs. The key to interacting with customers is meeting them where they are, on their terms.

A successful omnichannel eCommerce strategy builds customer loyalty, keeps consumers satisfied, improves retention, and grows your bottom line. Paxcom’s omnichannel offerings comprise multiple robust web applications that provide solutions that can help brands grow and manage their backend operations flawlessly with ease. Connect with us for more information at info@paxcom.net


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