Can Optimized Images Help Brands Increase Conversions on E-commerce Platforms?

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With easy and faster access to the internet, the trend of online shopping has grown dramatically over time, with 75 percent of consumers relying on online purchases (Deccan Herald, n.d.). With the changing times, customers are increasingly relying on visual representations while making purchase decisions.

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86% of respondents reported being influenced by the product images (Smart insights, n.d.). For any brand, the main goal is to generate traffic which leads to higher conversion rates. Image optimization is the best way to connect with customers and help make their buying decision easier.

How can images help brands increase conversion rates?

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There are several ways to capture customers’ attention right from the product page; optimized images improve engagement and drive traffic to the brand’s product page. People believe that product images are more important than copy, with 63 percent believing that what they can visualize is more important than the product copy (Sibirtseva, n.d.).

Let’s take a look at how brands can use images to their advantage

1. Using mobile-optimized and high-definition images

When you use a high-quality image, it creates a brand’s image in the customer’s mind, a visual that compels people to click on the page. Like Hero image, this is the first image that pops during the product search, and when the image itself is eye-catching, it will influence buying decisions.

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No matter what, use HD images so that when a customer zooms in the picture, it does not get pixelated and gives them finer details of the product.

All a brand has is 5 to 10 seconds of customer attention, and most of their time goes into looking at the hero images.

2. Add images that showcase how a product looks when it is in use.

The best example is the lifestyle images if the product is a yoga mat, but when you add a picture of how a person uses the yoga mat.

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Studies have shown that people connect to the photo positively when you use a human face, and an engaged customer is likely to buy the product.

Engage with the customer’s emotion with images such as how they will look while using the product. It will improve the conversion rate.

3. Offer Multiple viewing angle images.

Display the product from all angles. Brands generally offer 2-3 photos of the product but showing different viewing angles lets them identify the product and envision how it will be.

When customers know what product size they will be getting, the return rate reduces substantially. Many brands found 25-27% more conversions with multiple viewing angle photos.

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4. Benefit-focused images showcasing the USP of the product

When you add one feature, one benefit image makes it easy for customers to understand the product. By feature benefit-focused photos, it allows brands to reach the target audience.

For instance, when a product contains various nutritional benefits and you associate that feature in the image, it gives context to the product.

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Always use one feature in one image, never mix all the features into one embodiment, making it complicated for the customers to comprehend.

5. Add product images with all the variants available.

When a product comes in different colors, but the image available is of a single color, it usually happens on many eCommerce platforms, resulting in losing customer attention. But when you add the photos of all available colors, sizes, and flavor variants. It adds value to the product and trust to the brand.

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6. Add how-to-use images/ informational images.

When you concisely copy the image on the eCommerce platforms by describing how to use a product with an appealing visual, you help buyers with their decision-making journey and educate them about the product.

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7. Use image dimensions that are suitable for the product theme.

Identify the required dimensions your image needs, manually resize your product images, and not cut off from one size or look clustered from a certain angle when the image is displayed.

8. Maintain the brands’ image placement consistency.

It is vital to stay true to the brand’s portraying images and not lose sight by offering different options. Customers are accustomed to seeing each brand’s distinct style and image placement strategy, which creates a welcoming environment for them to purchase.

 9. Include videos to generate interest

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It is observed that 87% of people want to see videos of brands compared to the previous year and where 90% of them say that videos help them make a buying decision (TOPLINE FILM, n.d.)

When a video of a particular product is explained thoroughly with highlighting features, it has been shown to increase the conversion rate by 20%.

Always add short videos by keeping in mind the consumer’s attention span, making the video informative, visually appealing, and telling a brand’s story to build a connection.

10. Add 3D product images

3D images offer tangible benefits and make it easier for customers to have the life-like visuals of the product. Studies have shown a 66% boost in customer engagement than the 2D images on various eCommerce platforms.

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When a brand adds 3D images of their product, an increase in conversion rate has been observed by 40% (Garnder, n.d.). Why? Because the customer has the exact visualization in their mind of how a product would look while consuming or using it.

How Paxcom helps brands with image optimization to increase conversion rate?

No one can deny the allure of visual representation on eCommerce platforms and how brands benefit from it. At Paxcom, we have a team of graphic designers with core expertise and knowledge about the best image utilization to increase conversions.

Paxcom helps brands with presenting high-quality images that capture customer attention and the features a product assesses. The quality of pictures will determine the buying decision and help with the conversion rate.

Please contact us at to learn more about our various offerings and image/content optimization services to help improve your brand’s customer engagement on e-commerce platforms and lead to growth in conversion rate.


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