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Five reasons why your eCommerce store needs a chatbot

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People nowadays communicate primarily through chat. From phone calls to texts to messaging applications, we’ve come a long way!. AI chatbot are exploding in popularity in the eCommerce business world. These are interactive robots that are built to communicate and respond to customers’ questions in real-time. The chatbot market is expected to grow to roughly 1.25 billion dollars in 2025, a significant rise from the market size of 190.8 million dollars in 2016.

No matter how good your eCommerce website/platform is, it is necessary to give your customers an excellent experience. 

Consider this scenario- you are at your favorite bookshop, looking for a romantic genre book that you like, but you couldn’t find it anywhere. You start wondering whether it is available or out of stock?

You begin looking around the area for assistance, but no one is there to assist you. What will you do next?

You’ll leave the store empty-handed.

This is also true in the realm of eCommerce! If there’s no one to answer the customer’s questions immediately they’ll leave your store and go somewhere else.

If you’re still not sure that your eCommerce site requires a chatbot, read this blog to get more information about chatbots!

What is chatbot?

what is chatbot

A chatbot is a computer programme that initiates a voice or text message interaction between a customer and a seller. These computer programs can be customized according to user preference with the help of an algorithm.  Customers can now have human-like chat support, allowing them to quickly receive answers to their questions. It creates the trust and loyalty factor among customers by being present when they need it.

Top 3 Use Cases of Chatbots

  • Banking Assistant
  • FAQ
  • Customer support

Most used Chatbot Platforms

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messengers
  • Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Twitter

5 reasons why your eCommerce Store needs a chatbot

1. 24/7 personal assistance

Even your best customer service representatives require rest! Many small companies cannot afford to hire employees that are available full-time. Chatbot provides personal assistance to each customer 24/7 which directly leads to satisfaction and more engagement of customers. They can be accessed at any time. Bots aren’t supposed to replace the place of real employees, but they’re perfect for answering inquiries in a business. 

2. Money effective/pocket friendly

Chatbot usually completes a task that requires a human employee. Successful organizations are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing service or quality. They handle the majority task of customer service support with minimum human involvement, which helps the employees to work on more important areas.  Chatbots provide instant service to users by automating routine operations and allowing several client queries to be handled at the same time.

3. Builds customer relationships

Chatbots enable businesses to respond to consumer inquiries in ways that are both convenient and effective for the customer and the organization. Customers appreciate chatbots as they don’t have to wait for an employee to answer their questions individually. Chatbot provides them answers immediately. 

4. Increase revenue

Chatbots can forecast the consumer’s behavior by analyzing the data available to them. They can effortlessly lead the consumer buying journey by answering each question when it arises. Chatbot also notifies the customers about the sale, discount, or special ongoing offer based on the previous interactions and upsells the product, resulting in high revenue.

5. Guidance

Visitors on eCommerce sites might get lost in the large catalog of products. Chatbots guide the customers by giving them the answers and advice enabling them to make the purchase.

Ira, for example, is a Nykaa chatbot that assists customers by proposing products based on keywords, asking questions to learn more about their needs, and giving ideas much like a real salesman.

What are the steps to create chatbots?

steps to create chatbots

Step 1: The first step is to outline your website goals and objectives.

Step 2: Next is to determine the type of chatbot you’ll be creating. 

Step 3: Choose a platform to build the chatbot on.

Step 4: Select the appropriate technology stack

Step 5: Create a dialogue sample plan

Step 6: Teach the bot new commands

Step 7: Put the chatbot to the test

Step 8: Deploy the bot and keep it up to date.

Benefits of chatbot in eCommerce

benefits of chatbot in eCommerce
  • Reduces bounce rate

Do you know that almost 70% of all shopping carts are left unattended by customers? A high bounce rate is something that no business wants. It’s tough to generate a respectable amount of conversions if a substantial percentage of your visitors leave the site without seeing past the first page. But how can you keep the audience engaged? By making an easy checkout process, one can easily engage a higher audience and reduce the bounce rate.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

Chatbot makes customers’ experience more effective and personalized which increases the level of satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by Pelorus Research, 74% of contact center managers believe that enhanced agent technology may improve the customer experience significantly. 24/7 availability, personalized chat, providing answers helps in improving the satisfaction level of the customer experience.

  • Act as a personal shopper

Customers are the king of the market. Being a seller you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes! Why would you go through all of the things on the site if you’re seeking a certain product?  This process is very time-consuming, but a well-developed chatbot makes it easy. They act as a personal shopper, helping the customer to find what they need.

  • Helps to build Omni-channel Strategies 

A chatbot can assist you in developing omnichannel strategies.  Chatbot analyzes the customer’s personal information from their login credentials and thus can contact them on other channels. Most people usually link their phone numbers through their google account. Chatbot gathers this information and utilizes this in future multichannel marketing plans.

How do chatbots add value to your eCommerce store?

  • Provide a Warm and Friendly Atmosphere

Chatbots provide a very warm and friendly atmosphere to the new as well as existing customers by sending them a welcome message or by popping out on the site, to make sure that they know someone is there to assist and help them throughout the purchasing process. It makes the consumer journey more convenient.

  • Balance automation with human-touch

Chatbots are a combination of technology and human interaction,  this versatility allows chatbots to interact with customers on a variety of levels. This helps to establish a good relationship and brand image with the customers.

  • Always willing to lend a hand and provide guidance

Chatbots are always ready to help and guide you 24/7. They don’t get distracted answering the very same question over and over again. You could solve your clients’ problems in seconds and provide an astounding experience on your e-stores with just a small amount of training.


As the technology is moving faster than before, chatbots are obtaining great popularity in the eCommerce industry. Now that you have understood the different chatbots available and how they can benefit your eCommerce business, you can evaluate whether or not it is the right choice for your product. 

If you are looking for someone to streamline and automate your eCommerce process or help you create a chatbot for your business, then connect with us for more detailed insights at


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