Effective Ways of Advertising Products on Amazon India

Effective ways of Advertising Products on Amazon India

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In the fast-paced digital world, Amazon India stands out as one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces. With millions of products vying for attention, effective advertising is key to making your products stand out and drive sales.

This blog dives deep into the strategies that can transform your products from mere listings to customer magnets. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, your bottom line will benefit from learning the ins and outs of advertising on Amazon India.

Advertising product on amazon

Amazon Sponsored Products:(Seller Central Advertising)

Amazon-sponsored ads in India offer sellers significant benefits by increasing visibility, driving targeted traffic to their products, and improving sales potential. These Amazon ads allow sellers to reach specific customer segments, enhance product discoverability, and maximize their return on investment. Additionally, sponsored ads provide valuable insights and analytics, enabling sellers to optimize their marketing strategies and boost overall revenue on the platform.

Strategic keyword targeting, compelling ad copy and visuals, monitoring performance metrics, adjusting bids based on data, and A/B testing to optimize ad campaigns are all effective methods for sellers to utilize Amazon-sponsored ads. Additionally, sellers can use sponsored product ads to promote best-selling items and sponsor brand ads to increase brand visibility, ultimately driving more traffic to the platform and increasing sales.

Source: Amazon.in

(Note:These ad campaigns won’t run if the product selected for ad is out of stock.)

Two targeting options are available for Amazon-sponsored ads: 

  • Automatic Targeting, where Amazon determines the relevant keywords based on product information.
  • Manual Targeting, allows sellers to select specific keywords and set their bids, giving them greater control over their ad campaigns.

*This sponsored ad campaign works with the CPC(Cost-Per-Click) model: an auction-based pricing model in which the sellers have to bid the maximum amount they are ready to pay when the shopper clicks on the ad of the product. To enable the ad for sponsored products, the seller needs to pay in advance i.e. it’s a pre-paid service but the amount would be debited from the account only if the shopper clicks on the particular ad.
Categories open to sponsored products are: (refer to Seller Central Panel)

Amazon Display Ads

Amazon Display Ads is an advertising service provided by Amazon, enabling sellers to effectively promote their products on various Amazon-owned platforms, including websites, applications, and devices. These advertisements have the potential to be displayed on various sections of Amazon’s platform, such as product detail pages, customer review pages, and other prominent areas.

Amazon Display Ads services
Source: Amazon.in

Steps to create all the above Amazon ads for products:

  1. Sign in: Go to your Amazon Advertising account and sign in.
  2. Pick the Type of Campaign: Pick “Display” as the type of your campaign.
  3. Targeting: Figure out who your audience is by looking at their age, gender, and behavior.
  4. Type of Ad: You can choose between custom show ads or ads that Amazon makes.
  5. Create an ad: Make your ad by adding pictures, headlines, and text.
  6. Set your budget: figure out how much you can spend each day or throughout the campaign.
  7. Pick a Bid Strategy: You can choose whether your Amazon ads will be bid on automatically or by hand.
  8. Review and Launch: Check your rules, budget, and ad content again. When you’re happy, start your campaign.
  9. Monitor and optimize: Keep an eye on how your Amazon ads are doing, look at the data, and make changes to your plan as needed to get better results.

    Amazon Sponsored Brands

Amazon Sponsored Brands is an effective advertising tool that allows sellers to display their brand and products engagingly. These advertisements are prominently displayed at the top of Amazon’s search results page, increasing brand visibility and attracting potential customers. Sponsored Brands enable sellers to showcase their logo, custom headline, and a range of products, effectively conveying their brand identity to shoppers. By strategically targeting keywords and demographics, sellers can effectively reach their target audience, driving traffic and boosting sales.

Deals and discount

Source: Amazon.in

Deals and discounts on Amazon are highly effective, driving sales and generating significant revenue for sellers. The platform’s extensive customer base and attractive offers make it an ideal opportunity for sellers to grow their businesses.
Time-bound promotions create a sense of urgency, motivating shoppers to make prompt purchases. Participating in Amazon Deals allows businesses to showcase their products to a large audience, boosting visibility and sales. Limited-time deals can effectively generate revenue and create buzz around your products due to their higher conversion rates.

By strategically utilizing the following deals, sellers can attract more customers and enhance the shopping experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and sustained revenue growth-

Lightning Deals are short, high-demand discounts that enhance product visibility and drive sales for a limited time.
Deal of the Day offers a substantial discount on a single product for 24 hours, attracting a wide consumer base.
Offer BOGO deals to attract customers. They can get a free or discounted product when they purchase one at full price.

Optimized Product Listing

An optimized product listing is a well-thought-out presentation of your product that is based on what people are searching for. This means carefully choosing and placing relevant keywords in the title, description, and bullet points of your product. This will make sure that your listing shows up in search results when people are looking for products like yours.

Source: Amazon.in

An optimized product description page needs high-quality pictures of your product from different angles, titles that are clear and to the point, and descriptions that are detailed but easy to understand. Including important product details like size, color, and features also searches results more relevant.


From leveraging Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to optimizing product listings for maximum visibility, understanding these strategies is vital for online success. Paxcom can guide brands through these effective advertising methods, ensuring your products shine in the digital marketplace. To boost your Amazon sales and enhance your brand presence, contact us today and let our experts transform your online business.

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