6 Effective ways of Advertising Products on Amazon India

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Amazon is the largest marketplace to reach customers right at their doorstep. It will further help sellers to increase their customer base and ultimately uplift the revenue generation. So, knowing the fact that advertising through Amazon definitely increases the sales and will effectively drive brand awareness. Let me take you through some of the opportunities Amazon offers its registered sellers to advertise and promote your products effectively and efficiently:

Amazon Sponsored Products:(Seller Central Advertising)

Sponsored Products is the service offered by Amazon to sellers for promotion /advertisement of the products sellers sell on Amazon.in. With this, the ads will be displayed on the first page of search results or on the product detail pages.

Here, this is a sample page for sponsored ad products while searching for a particular category i.e Mobile & Accessories.

Amazon reviews management
Source: Amazon.in

(Note:These ad campaigns won’t run if the product selected for ad is out of stock.)

There are two options given to seller panel for targeting:

  • Automatic Targeting: It refers to the automatic selection of keywords through the data analytics that the customers are searching for what kind of products and will use the related keywords for these ad campaigns.
  • Manual Targeting: It refers to the self-selection of keywords by the seller to promote its products.

*This sponsored ad campaign works with the CPC(Cost-Per-Click) model: an auction-based pricing model in which the sellers have to bid with the maximum amount they are ready to pay when the shopper clicks on the ad of the product. To enable the ad for sponsored products, the seller needs to pay in advance i.e it’s a pre-paid service but the amount would be debited from the account only if the shopper clicks on the particular ad.

Categories open to sponsored products are: (refer to Seller Central Panel)

• Appliances • Electronics – Mobile • Office Products
• Arts & Crafts • Fine Art • Outdoors
• Automotive • Grocery & Gourmet Food • Patio, Lawn & Garden
• Baby • Handmade • Pet Supplies
• Beauty • Health & Personal Care • Shoes
• Camera • Home & Kitchen • Software
• Cell Phones • Industrial & Scientific • Sports
• Clothing • Luggage • Tools & Home Improvement
• Collectibles • Movies & TV • Toys & Games
• Computers • Music • Video Games
• Electronics • Musical Instruments • Watches

Amazon Sponsored Links:

This is a feature for those sellers who are unable to market their products through amazon because of budget constraints,restrictions to some category or no knowledge about how to sell online. Amazon allows sellers or retailers to advertise through itself without having to sell the products through amazon by displaying products on marketplace itself. Through Amazon, retailers can link their external websites to reach more people by directing the traffic from amazon itself. It allows retailers to collect the information about customers so that to plan the email marketing or retargeting according to the customer data.

For others,where the top brands like “ethos” for premium watches who want to position its brand separately along with listing the products on marketplace also, amazon allow sellers to direct the traffic to their own websites also.

Here, take a look at the sample page of ethos redirecting to external website’s link i.e www.ethoswatches.com

amazon global selling from india
Source: Amazon.in

Display Ads:

It includes the promotional banners which have different images on them giving information about the latest offers and deals for any particular brand or product. The sellers can advertise their products on the front page itself. The banners come up with various sizes, depends on the seller to choose whichever according to the budget constraints.

Amazon Display Ads services
Source: Amazon.in

Steps to create all the above ads for products:

  • The seller can select the product for which he/she wishes to run sponsored product ad. From the list of the products he/she is selling using Advertising tab in Seller Central Panel
  • Assign keywords for those products. For the same, the keywordtool.io can be used to identify the important keywords.
  • Set the cost per click bid amount.
  • Seller central has the tab as “Advertising”, this tab further has “Campaign Manager” in which the ads will be organised into campaigns.

Covering All Mediums on One-Go:

All mediums here refer to the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It advertises the products through different channels by crafting different campaigns for different devices. This will advertise the products to more people as we have different users for desktop as well as mobile so covering all the channels is very effective for sellers selling online.

Pricing Strategy:

Offers and deals have always been the pain points of customers! Amazon helps in advertising the products by highlighting the discounts or throwing the light on low priced products to make the category get clicked by more number of visitors.

Festivals are here!

Whatever the occasion is, Amazon can relate the products to it anyhow. Like recently, father’s day is coming up so it has linked almost all the categories to it ,be it the jewellery or the sports related articles. A sample image below to show the linkups of various products with the occasions.

amazon advertising services
Source: Amazon.in

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