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Five reasons why to sell on Walmart

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It’s no surprise that sellers are rushing to the Walmart marketplace, and for practical reasons.

As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart boasts an impressive network of stores, delivery hubs, and buyers. For sellers, the Walmart marketplace means increased exposure to potential customers as well as it also gives you a pretty wide field to work in.

Walmart Marketplace could be your next step! Why?

Because more than 100,000 sellers have joined Walmart’s online marketplace as of July 2021, making it the largest marketplace in the United States for online retail sales.

Compared to 2021, Walmart U.S.’s e-commerce sales were 47.8 billion dollars in 2022, an increase of nearly 11 percent.

Five reasons to sell on Walmart Marketplace

Alongside its high visibility to consumers,  Walmart affords sellers several additional advantages, and we’ve listed the benefits a few.

1. Free 2-Day Shipping

walmart 2 day

In the year that Walmart Marketplace launched its 2-Day Free Shipping program, It made it clear that it wanted to lead the eCommerce marketplace business. Buyers love free shipping, and they like quick shipment even more. It is the service you can have when you begin selling at Walmart. It is a popular option for buyers who buy in a hurry and those who are looking for an item that needs to be delivered as fast as possible. Items that come with free shipping for two days get more exposure to customers. These products are highlighted in green to make them stand out from the crowd.

Like any different service offered, Walmart enforces strict standards for retailers that want to be eligible for their 2-Day Free Delivery program. You must fulfill at least 100 orders within 30 days, be able to provide the policy of return, and have established customer support. If the marketplace isn’t specific that you’ll be able to keep your word, the marketplace will not grant the right to purchase. Make sure you examine each item on the checklist.

The program’s benefits are as follows:

  1. More visibility from 2-Day Free Shipping means better ranking in search results. 
  2. A special filter lets customers filter products based on free shipping requirements and immediately places the items to their attention.
  3. Purchase Box favors items with a 2 Day Free Shipping label, which results in more sales despite being priced higher than similar goods.
  4. The information above makes this program a great supplement to your skills. It will surely be worthwhile for you to spend the time and effort needed to finish it.

2. Third-Party Fulfillment

To stay up and increase the odds of attracting buyers, Walmart marketplace tries to provide a superior customer experience. It is possible to assign an external third party to handle the fulfillment of orders in just one of these instances. The seller can contract fulfillment services to deliver, who will handle the job for them. It is particularly convenient during the holidays when traditional orders increase.

3. Sponsored Products

Walmart US
Source- Walmart

In addition to the earlier alternative, Walmart launched Sponsored Products (formerly Walmart Performance Ads), a pay-per-click model that lets you advertise items in the marketplace. Because Walmart does not promote its products on the market, it competes with other third-party sellers and is not stagnant in retail.

4. You don’t have to pay subscription fees as a Walmart seller

As of now, and on top of no set-up fees, there are no monthly or subscription fees to sell your product on Walmart Marketplace! Amazon’s selling plan costs 99 cents per sale, and the professional selling plan costs $39.99 monthly. However, in Walmart, there is the option to continue selling at no cost.

5. Get access to various services and tools for specialty listings

Integrations are an effective method to automate repetitive tasks and lower the possibility of making mistakes in input. If you sell your products on Walmart, you will integrate the tools you are already using and find new ones that can be more effective. If you sell your products on Walmart, it is possible to use automated systems to manage promotions and pricing or inventory numbers in several warehouses instead of manually managing inventory in one place.

The benefits of integrating integrations to enhance your Walmart selling capabilities include:

  1. Manage Walmart alongside other sales channels. If you sell your products on Walmart, you can also join with fulfillment service providers such as Delivery and Free 2-Day Shipping to streamline the selling and delivery process.
  2. Tools help in seamless business management. Walmart Marketplace offers support from many platforms to help you automate your business. You will likely find a solution that meets your needs.
  3. Responds to your specific needs. With access to more than 30 integrations, you can choose between specialty or full-service integrations based on your specific requirements for your business.
  4. Determine which integrations are the most effective in meeting your needs by evaluating a variety of options. After you’ve set up your system, you’re free to relax and give more effort to other aspects of your company that require assistance.

Final thoughts

Overall, anyone who is interested in growing their e-commerce business and establishing their online presence in the United State should consider using Walmart Marketplace as one of their platforms of choice. The procedure of acceptance is quite selective; however, sellers that have expertise in selling high-quality products in other marketplaces may choose to apply for this one.

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