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    KPIs that Kinator tracks for you

    Stay ahead of the competition with Kinator’s eCommerce pricing and promotion tracking services. As a brand in the fast-paced world of online retail, it’s crucial to have complete visibility over your pricing and your competition. A small difference in price can make all the difference in retaining loyal customers.

    Kinator helps you to:

    • Monitor your SKU pricing across platforms, sellers, and locations
    • Detect promotions on your SKUs and verify them against your planned promotions
    • Keep track of your authorized seller’s buy box status
    • Analyze pricing and promotions trends for informed strategy decisions

    Don’t let pricing and promotions slip through the cracks. Get the data you need to make informed decisions and drive sales with Kinator. OR With complete visibility, you can maintain a controlled pricing and promotion strategy, and ensure success in the eCommerce space.

    Brand managers’ primary challenge is the availability of their products on e-commerce platforms through authorized sellers.

    Both consumers and e-commerce lose interest in the brand when products are out of stock for a long time resulting in delisting on some platforms. For visibility,  brands must update inventory on e-commerce platforms, especially for high-selling SKUs.

    Kinator helps you to:

    • Track on-shelf availability across platforms, sellers, and locations
    • Provide alerts for SKUs that are out-of-stock with your authorized sellers
    • Track stock trends over time across all your channels, categories, and brands
    • Separately identify Power SKUs that are out of stock
    • Highlight promoted unavailable products

    Don’t let stock shortages or overstocked shelves get in the way of your success – let your inventory data be your guide.

    Kinator helps you track your visibility on Amazon by measuring your share of shelf. It tracks the number of your SKUs appearing in the Top 3, 10, or 20 search results, their ranking on Page 1 and within their categories, and monitors trends over time. It also identifies competing brands and their top-ranking SKUs and tracks your Amazon Bestseller rank. This data helps eCommerce brand managers optimize their visibility on marketplaces by monitoring changes in content, pricing, and sales.

    Kinator helps you:

    • Track how many of your SKUs show in the Top 3, 10 or 20 search results for important search keywords
    • How many of your SKUs show on Page 1 and top results within their categories
    • Track trendlines of your share of shelf over a period of time
    • Identify competition brands and SKUs that hold key visibility spots 
    • Monitor the Amazon Bestseller rank for your products in their categories 

    This data helps keep a constant check on your share of shelf, and how it changes with various levers used by you over time, such as changes in content, pricing and sales.

    The reviews are also a goldmine of insights for brands on what aspects are essential to their customers and how their products are performing on them. This makes it important to track and analyze, maintain your online reputation, and achieve better customer satisfaction.

    Kinator consolidates all reviews from various platforms into one place for easy access, summarizes positive and negative trends, and provides a deep dive into the reasons behind them. It also allows you to compare your reviews with your competitors. This helps maintain your online reputation and improve customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and opinions.

    Kinator helps:

    • Consolidate reviews and ratings for your products across all platforms in one place for easy access
    • Summarize positive & negative review and rating trends on the SKUs across brands, categories and platforms 
    • Deep dive into the aspects causing positive and negative reviews to analyze the customer sentiments and identify gap areas
    • Analyze competition reviews for comparison

    E-commerce platforms provide sales and offtake data in varying formats and frequencies. To make informed decisions, a consolidated, customizable view is necessary.

    Kinator Sales Dashboard offers a consolidated view of your sales data, customizable to meet your decision-making needs. Our dashboard helps you:

    • Track sales with clear charts and graphs
    • Analyze revenue trends by channel, brand, or overall
    • Compare performance with MOM, YOY, and 6-month moving average
    • Evaluate channel, brand, and product performance
    • Benefit from data consolidated from multiple eCommerce platforms
    • Create tailored reports with custom widgets.

    E-commerce platforms today provide a wide variety of complex tools and advertising options. Having an e-advertising dashboard is crucial for e-commerce brands because it allows them to centralize and monitor their advertising campaigns. The dashboard provides data-driven insights, making it easier to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

    With Kinator, you get-

    • Analyze important metrics of your ads and compare KPIs with brand goals and category benchmarks.
    • Compare performance with the previous day for key KPIs
    • Highlight necessary actions based on stock, balance, and creation errors.
    • Evaluate campaign performance at the campaign, ad type, and portfolio levels
    • Analyze ASIN and keyword performance for optimization suggestions
    • Study correlation between ad position, discounts, conversion, CTR/CPC
    • Access trend reports and graphics through customizable widgets.

    Why our clients
    love Kinator

    Abbott Nutrition, Singapore

    Initially it was difficult for us to track stock across platforms which was leading to sales loss. But Kinator was a savior to us. It helped us not only keep a track of stocks but also of our own & competitor promotions. Its automation feature saves our time and mannual effort.
    Hemangini Bansal
    eCommerce Marketing Manager, Abbott Nutrition

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    E-commerce data analytics tools help online businesses track and analyze key metrics to drive sales. They provide insights into sales, customer behavior, marketing, and competitor activity. In turn, this information can lead to improved business and marketing strategies.

    Brand managers should track key marketplaces metrics such as search visibility, product ratings & reviews, price positioning, and inventory stock levels to drive growth.

    Kinator is a digital shelf analytics tool that combines data of a brand's online presence across different marketplaces and platforms. This data includes information about product listings, prices, reviews, ratings, stock levels, and search visibility. The tool uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide centralized reporting and visualization capabilities, allowing brand managers to take actionable decisions

    Kinator is backed by proprietary AI technology, ML, and NLP. It has the ability to combines all publicly available marketplace data to give brand insights into product and brand performance. 

    Kinator’s differentiator includes: 

    • Global presence, intuitive interface
    • Advanced data visualization, integration with eCommerce platforms
    • In-depth competitor analysis, customizable reports & dashboards
    • Automated product, price, and stock tracking
    • Advanced search and filter functionality
    • Multi-channel sales data analysis
    • Sentiment analysis powered by AI and NLP to uncover customer sentiments
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